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Application Questions and Answers «Viber»

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16.01.2023, 11:42
Viber button "Share phone" does not work
Configured for Viber a button with action type Share phone https://take.ms/iibqh, https://amigakure.crm-onebox.com/app/viber/1/keyboard/button/1/ W...
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Viber bot integration not working. Donate for solution
Registered token Recording in the logs on the screen http://joxi.ru/xAeybaysVRExbA, Empty in events box The setting Allow adding a user without ...
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17.10.2022, 15:12
Images do not open when sending Viber
You need to set up Viber mailing + images (version 1box - mvp) Implemented through the action to generate processes for a group of clients. At the ...
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12.10.2022, 14:06
Improve Viber buttons/links
Here https://granosolution.1b.app/app/workflow/1/procedure/3/ In the action "Send a message to Viber" you need to modify the two link but...
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Share phone button not working
Configured button with Action Type Share phone https://mtvnetwork.1b.app/app/viber/1/keyboard/button/1/ The button was sent in the process https://...
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10.06.2022, 17:51
viber emoji
Viber sends not only viber emojis (which are simply transmitted in text in our box), but also emojis that are from android and ios (Fig. 1) and th...
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10.06.2022, 17:48
Pulling up customer avatars
Viber has the ability to pull customer avatars. Like here https://developers.viber.com/docs/api/rest-bot-api/#resource-url-2 And you can also send ...
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06.06.2022, 17:44
How does the Viber share number button work?
In the settings of the Viber button control application, it is possible to configure the action to share the phone number . Tell me exactly how th...
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04.06.2022, 14:56
The downloaded file flies to automatically send SMS via viber
Here https://ysbeauty.1b.app/admin/shop/workflowstatus/20/action/new/ in action "Send message Viber" upload photo (pic 1) or any other f...
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01.06.2022, 18:21
viber welcome sms
There is such a method https://developers.viber.com/rest/#sending-a-welcome-message Basically, it should send a welcome sms when you go to this bot...