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16.11.2022, 19:42
Ceased to practice integration
good evening At the same time, having replaced the main system for sending SMS to SMSfly After the test sms - we started to squirm. But then it tur...
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30.10.2022, 13:03
Events are created, but SMS does not reach the addressee.
When sending SMS, everything is successful, everything is fine. There is no write-off for SMS in the TurboSms personal account and it does not come...
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not working SMS mailing service SMSC.KZ
Good afternoon. The service has been configured and tested to be operational. While we set up its operation in the processes, the service stopped w...
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Integration for https://smsc.ua/
Integration for SMSCkz, SMSCru. Clarify, be kind, skilki will be able to improve the integration for https://smsc.ua/?
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Integration with SMSC.kz
Good afternoon. We wanted to set up sending SMS through the SMSC.kz service. Register on their portal. Registered the received settings in the inte...
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ПП "Усмішка плюс"
08.09.2022, 13:00
Pardon at the government's sms notification
When sending sms notifications to the client, send the template (sms1), the client will receive the text sms2
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05.09.2022, 15:00
Sending SMS via the Turbo SMS service does not work
It was reconnected twice according to the instructions, it shows some kind of technical malfunction
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turbosms does not work
Tell me why the integration does not work? When the SMS is processed, the sending status becomes "You are not authorized", although every...
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ФОП Легеза Вячеслав Валерианович
Personal license
25.07.2022, 10:12
SMS for tasks failed
Axis task: https://crm.smartid.com.ua/36377/ At the stage Processed due to SMS recovery. The task took 21.07 to 19:40:06 for the stage, screen 1224...
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23.02.2022, 11:07
Sending messages from the VIBER business page does not work
Good afternoon, sending viber messages through the send Viber\Sms action has stopped working.