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SSL certificate
Please confirm the request that was sent to postmaster@crm-onebox.com
You need to update your SSL certificate.
Good afternoon The SSL certificate needs to be renewed; it is about to expire. A new one has been ordered, you need to go through domain verificati...
3 answer
07.05.2024, 10:51
Install ssl certificate
Good afternoon. Box https://crm.meblevakimnata.ua/, you need to update the already reissued certificate in OneBox. Mail for invoice - office@meblev...
1 answer
06.03.2024, 18:34
Good afternoon Please change the time zone to gmt +5 on the boxes: azing.1b.app, savteam.1b.app, massagan.1b.app
1 answer
prolitech user password
Good day, The prolitech user password used to access our vps server is required. We need to make some changes to the website. Please send it to the...
1 answer
23.02.2024, 11:21
SSL certificate update https://box.dobroznak.com/dashboard/
certificate purchased, renewed, extended https://prnt.sc/8WC6uevjM6hF data from the control panel https://prnt.sc/UMUwqV5ZoA-k Opera opens boxing t...
update the SSL certificate for box.profish.ua,
It's time to update the SSL certificate for box.profish.ua, you did it a year ago. Please send me an invoice for the service, I will pay. And to re...
1 answer
04.02.2024, 00:03
Obtaining a backup copy of the company
I need the entire database of our company https://deopika.1b.app/desktop/ in the form of a table, CSV, or XLS format, or a Google spreadsheet. How ...
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MVP does not work https://broadlink.com.ua/
MVP doesn't work. Individual pages load, but extremely slowly. It is almost impossible to take any action. The site is running slowly. Resetting th...
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20.11.2023, 12:38
FTP access
Good day, can we get ftp accesses to upload third party warehouse balances?