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Can't deploy backup box
Hello! When deploying the backup, the error "Available only in OneBox paid cloud plans" appears, although the box is on a paid plan https...
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10.11.2022, 18:29
Data transfer from one box to another
Good evening, we are interested in how to transfer all data and system settings from one box to another (business processes, processes, subprocesse...
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10.11.2022, 16:21
The minute crown does not work, please restart
Good afternoon boxing https://chekhol.com.ua The minute krone lay, the time does not work. The hoster rebooted our server, apparently, killed the c...
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10.11.2022, 15:27
Transferring a box to a box
Hey guys, I need to move this box happyhome.1b.app Transfer to box. Leave the domain the same. If possible, please attach the SRL certificate. I&#3...
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09.11.2022, 14:55
Our VPS, on which OneBox is located, was moved to a more powerful server, OneBox is unstable. Do you need settings for new hardware?
Good afternoon Tonight, our VPS, on which OneBox is located, was transferred to a more powerful hardware. Earlier, we had a problem with the system...
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Server change
We independently change the server and domain of the site from https://v10327.dh.net.ua/ to crm.al-store.com.ua (dns, after reading on...
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07.10.2022, 13:18
MVP evaluate the division of boxing on the database and files okremo
boxing at once on one server. To ask for a security method to evaluate the transfer of the database to an okremy server. DB backup is also portable...
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ФОП Легеза Вячеслав Валерианович
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29.09.2022, 11:49
Evaluate the additional addendum or remove Contact with your hands
Appreciate, be kind. 1. It is necessary to supplement the residual contacts of Contacts from the data base. 2. Otherwise, evaluate the contact dist...
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Minute Cron runs for 20 minutes
Here's the stats https://stimul.crm-onebox.com/app/system-statistic/ The most consumed ones take a total of a minute, and cron runs 20 minutes ...
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ФОП Легеза Вячеслав Валерианович
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26.09.2022, 17:00
Does the application delete contacts from the database
Please let me know if this paid app deletes contacts from the system that we have deleted and which are also taking up space on the server and are ...