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14.05.2024, 16:27
Transferring category ID from additional product fields
Here https://poland.1b.app/app/automatization/hour/edit/ There is automation "Export products to CS-Cart" These are the settings in the a...
Variations of products in WP are not loaded
Good day, there is a product with specified filters https://prnt.sc/F1LRn6_TP4nl Added "WordPress / Export products" action to the automation once ...
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09.05.2024, 19:59
Does not work
There are no instructions, the tick method did not help. It's sad here.
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Personal license
02.05.2024, 17:15
The import of coupons from Opencart did not work
Import of coupons from Openkart is configured in the system - https://i.imgur.com/CgJ1mly.png A coupon for 10% off the order has been added to the ...
There is a problem with setting up the export of goods
Good day, https://autopartex.1b.app/app/horoshop/ Please help with setting up the export of goods to the site. Currently, an error occurs whe...
Orders from Khorozhop are not unloaded
Good day! The integration with Khorosop by order has stopped working. Although an hour ago, everything was ok https://kiyservice.1b.app/93341/ this...
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18.04.2024, 17:32
How to change availability in Opencart
Congratulations, the products in the box have three statuses: 1. Available 2. To order 3. Not available How to configure the transfer of these stat...
Products on the website are not updated
Good day! For some reason, products are not updated in Horosop, although they were previously added through integration with srm and worked normall...
Import of goods from CS cart to OneBox
Good day! Images from the site are not imported into some products product example https://ukroptmarket.1box.link/app/product/628643/edit/ here is ...
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09.04.2024, 18:43
Export of goods does not work
Congratulations, I have connected the HOROSHOP integration. I configured it, but categories and products are not exported. The category was created...