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26.11.2022, saturday, 20:27
uploading images by directory
Good evening. We have about 15 thousand products with images in the OneBox database, which are synchronized with the online store on opencart. By d...
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24.11.2022, thursday, 22:07
product images not loading
Good evening. Products on the site are not updated via api. The files themselves are created category.json categoryimages.json images.json product....
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23.11.2022, wednesday, 08:37
How to pull products in Ukrainian into the Products block with a table?
Hello! Can you please tell me how to load goods in Ukrainian from Horoshopa into the Products block with a table by default? Items loaded from Horo...
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22.11.2022, tuesday, 20:38
non-standard port for mysql connection
Good time of the day. We have a non-standard port on the server to connect to the mysql server. Namely port=3311. How can I configure the connectio...
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Doesn't transfer languages from box to opencart
Boxing does not transfer information from the product card in different languages to opencart In the box in the product card, all fields are filled...
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16.11.2022, 21:15
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14.11.2022, 15:21
Products are not removed from Opencart
Here is the product https://happyhome.1b.app/app/product/20895/edit/ it has been removed. We set the action once a day and forced it https://happyh...
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12.11.2022, 14:02
Transfer price settings for open cards
There is such a setting There is a product https://sara.1box.link/app/product/13027/edit/ It has a price level it is necessary to transfer it to ...
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12.11.2022, 13:20
Extension of photos in products
Good afternoon, the question is as follows. In the product that was added after the update of the box to OneBox S, in the download for the online s...
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Pick up from Magento just a few songs in song statuses
https://josera.crm-onebox.com/admin/auto/action/minute/edit/ Dia Import Import from Magento Can you add a nashtuvannya, schob diya took away or ign...