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List of related questions and answers «List of 2023 OneBox OS changes»

2015971732 - Added settings to chat block
For chats, the setting "Show when opening the active chat on the basis of which the process was created" has been added.
2015970676 - Added the ability to create a product URL prefix in Ukrainian
Added the ability to form the URL prefix of the product in the Ukrainian language, this is necessary for uploading products to OpenCart
2015971338 - The partial refund functionality of liqpay has been improved
For the action "Change the stage depending on the status of the payment in liqpay", settings have been added that allow you to display: -...
2015970536 - Added setting of product reserve in the warehouse
Added the setting "If the product inventory does not have a check mark "Is it possible to reserve at this warehouse" - do not reserv...
2015970889 - Added setting to "Calculate value by formula and write in specified field" action
For the action "Calculate the value according to the formula and write it in the specified field", a variable of the model series has bee...
2015970442 - Added documents variable
Added document variable {currentdate} - Print date. The variable shows the current date in the format 12/31/2022
2015969254 - The functionality of viewing the process has been improved
Added the ability to automatically scroll through the comment thread until the end of the correspondence when opening the process.
2015966616 - Added settings to the product creation window
Added the ability to display settings in the product creation window "List price with suppliers and warehouses".
2015964698 - Added Magento product import settings
The setting "If the product has a discount in magento, write the price without the discount into the price of the process product, calculate t...
2015969307 - Product price display has been improved
For the Products application, settings have been added that regulate the display of decimal places: Display only the full part of the prices in the...