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2015962138 - Added settings for importing payments from Monobank
For importing payments from Monobank, the setting "Add payments for the amount in the currency of the account instead of the amount in the cur...
2015960921 - The action of working with payments has been added
Added new action "Prohibit editing of payment fields".
2015962236 - Added fields to the "Balance change in warehouses" report
Fields have been added for the "Change in warehouse balance" report designer block: - article number; - model range; - model; - additiona...
2015962926 - The functionality of the action "Integration of XML business processes (Import)" has been improved
In the "Integrate XML Business Processes (Import)" action, there is a setting "Configure shipping and payment method matching"....
2015962139 - Added luck to the action of importing goods from Magenta
For the action of importing products from Magenta, a setting has been added that allows "Split the discount by the quantity of the product in ...
2015962411 - Added settings to the "Finance" block
In the "Finance" block, the setting "Do not display the block when viewing the contact card by employees of the specified roles&quot...
2015962602 - Filling in an additional field
Added the possibility to enter a negative value manually in the additional field with type "Integer".
2015962000 - The functionality of the "Copy process fields" action has been improved
The ability to copy field values has been added to the "Copy process fields" action: - warehouse for moving (warehouse code); - storage f...
2015962194 - Added new automatic OpenCart integration action
Added automatic action once per minute "Import customer inquiries from Opencart (UniShop2 module)".
2015960922 - The functionality of working with payments has been improved
Added settings: - when editing a payment "Set the payment client based on the link to the process when editing the payment"; - for copyin...