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14.06.2024, friday, 18:17
Finalization of the supplier's price list download
Good afternoon The price list loading needs improvement: Goal: search for matches for products of only certain brands that belong to a given suppl...
Order number with socket
Good afternoon. Tell me how to get the order number from Rozetka in order to write it down in the customer field and use it for email newsletters?
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Personal license
12.06.2024, wednesday, 22:38
Long parser processing
Good day. We currently have 800 Real Estate Objects in the system with 40+ fields in each. This is already 32,000 fields at least. This XML feed lo...
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09.06.2024, sunday, 14:45
External ID and product url are not loaded into the Proma box
Hello. Automation is set up once a day PromUA / Product import. Recently, I can’t say exactly when it started, but the External ID and url of the p...
old balances are not erased for exactly one date
Configured automatic import of supplier price lists (all in one file) but for some reason the availability of suppliers is duplicated, here are exa...
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24.05.2024, 14:59
Needs improvement: Filter in Product Linking
You need a filter Related/Unrelated Products in the Linking Products section
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Integration with Epicenter
Good day. Epicenter opened a new function - API integration from srm. Will onebox have the appropriate action to import orders from Epicenter?
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Orders from Promo are not imported, the status is error
I am attaching a screenshot of the error. Tell me who knows what options there are?
is it possible to automate the import of price lists?
There is a price list (XLSX), it can be both a file and a link, it contains all the necessary data for importing products or updating them (all sup...
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30.04.2024, 21:42
Improvement is needed in Uploading the price list: the option "Update only the Product Price and RRP"
We need an option in which, when loading a supplier’s price list, only the Product Price and RRP will be updated. Will it be possible to compare pr...