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30.01.2023, monday, 18:19
Filter in Product Linking
You can add the filter Related/Unrelated Products in the Linking Products section
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25.01.2023, 12:37
Need help setting up supplier processing
Colleagues need help setting up a supplier's price list. There is a price list of the supplier in YML and in Excel, but they are promotional, that ...
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YML feed not updating
Just noticed that the yml feed stopped updating. New products are not downloaded and old ones are not updated. Haven't made any changes to it in ov...
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23.01.2023, 18:57
Editing the "Export Products in XML (Hotline)" action
Good day! I have 2 questions about creating a product feed on the Hotline. 1. The product feed is not recognized by Hotline due to the fact that th...
Orders do not come from the outlet
We did the re-registration of the store on Rozetka, the personal account has changed. The login and password have been changed in the integration s...
bugs and a lot of other problems
Well, I am writing here a list of problems that have been visited since yesterday around 18-19.00 1- The socket pulls Thousands of orders in the CR...
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BAAs Dev.
12.01.2023, 21:54
No longer exporting feeds with date="2022-12-29 16:06:23"
Good day. Help me figure out why Cron sentry for exporting feeds stopped working. Problems began with the Buyers that the remains of the site do no...
The delivery method does not enter the Rozetka branch
Today we connected delivery to Rosette offices. But when importing an order, the delivery method is for some reason Nova Poshta. Here is an example...
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Delivery to Rozetka delivery points - Calculate the finalization
A new type of delivery has appeared in the marketplace: Delivery to Rozetka delivery points Please calculate the finalization of the integration ac...
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Personal license
04.01.2023, 15:45
What is the current functionality of the OLX application?
Hello! I wonder what the functionality of the OLX application is now. Here https://1b.app/ua/forum/integrations-with-price-platforms-and-marketplac...