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Can't set up integration
Good afternoon! https://egorini.1b.app/app/instagram-direct/appsettings/ installed the app here completed all items I click "add" the aut...
4 answer
03.11.2022, 17:12
Installing Instagram(Direct)
We cannot install the application, it throws an error that only the owner of the box can install. But the account from which we install is the owne...
1 answer
02.11.2022, 09:05
Restrictions on the number of messages.
In normal operation, Viber has a limit on the number of possible messages sent per day (about 50 leads). And how is this issue solved in this appli...
Does not send a message to the client from the required process
There was a ticket here https://1b.app/ua/forum/integrations-with-messengers/15629-bag-ne-rabotaet-avtom...
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24.10.2022, 16:14
Is it possible to create a referral system in the bot builder?
Good day, I am interested in creating a bot that would help with lead generation and marketing. I wonder if you have a functionality that would all...
3 answer
24.10.2022, 15:56
The status of the process does not change when changing [url_change_status: ...] in the callbackdata field
I am editing telegram notifications with the i button in the Callback Data field, specifying the change [url_change_status: ...] , When clicking o...
1 answer
24.10.2022, 14:43
Problem sending messages to new users
Good afternoon, there is a problem with the integration of the sendapi service, there is no button "Write first in Whatsapp"
The automatic action does not work, will turn the Instagram Direct message into a process
I made the settings from the video, messages enter the system https://senseeducation.1b.app/app/instagram-direct/, turn into chat https://senseeduc...
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20.10.2022, 13:10
What is the global implementation scheme of communication with the client via Viber / Telegram bot?
Someone implemented communication with the client through the Viber bot If so, tell me what the main scheme is and how it should work The goal is t...
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18.10.2022, 11:19
Will there be improvements in Instagram Direct?
Hello ! I have a few questions about the app 1. Is it possible to display the client's avatar on the left side of the (list) chat. The priority...