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We need an up-to-date instruction
It is not clear how Productlist works. Everything is done according to the existing instructions, but when switching to the Productlist, instead of...
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07.05.2024, 19:33
We do not see outgoing messages in the chat
We only see messages from customers integration of Facebook Messenger Pro + Chat... Maybe this setting is which??? Please tell me.
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01.05.2024, 12:58
Very urgent - General chat is not displayed ‼️
The employee's general chat no longer appears in processes as of today. The problem is related to E-chat: if there is an existing corresponden...
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29.04.2024, 17:22
Unsent messages #2
Previous topic (in short, "it is not clear from the interface of the paid box application that the message was not delivered to the client") https...
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09.04.2024, 15:25
Unsent messages
Sent a message to the client in viber from the box, according to this process https://sambag.crm-onebox.com/75765/ How to understand from the box t...
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ФОП Легеза В.В.
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27.03.2024, 11:39
PROBLEM: Telegram - the bot does not work for requests from new contacts
There is a problem A new person knocks on the Telegram bot: https://t.me/BalistykaUA_Bot The box does not create a contact card for this person a...
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20.03.2024, 11:17
Whisper bot
What is the name of the bot in which you can whisper something to a certain person in a group, but so that no one else in the group can see it?
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28.02.2024, 09:29
How to send a message to several groups using a Telegram bot?
There is a bot created through BotFather There are many groups to which you need to send the same message. How to do it?
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12.02.2024, 15:59
In the calendar pop-up window, the chat does not scroll down to new messages
When opened in a popup window, the chat does not scroll down to new messages. When you open a process in a separate tab, new messages are immediate...
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09.02.2024, 09:21
Differences between E-chat Pro and E-chat
Congratulations! I want to know what are the key differences between https://1b.app/ua/app/echat-pro/ and https://1b.app/ua/app/echat/