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02.04.2024, 16:06
Translate into Ukrainian: Preview contact - Preview contact
Good afternoon, we found a discrepancy in the translation into Ukrainian in the contact interfaces. The interface block is now in Ukrainian: "Conta...
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Personal license
28.03.2024, 16:45
It is necessary to configure so that the process in the process table is highlighted depending on the value of the additional field.
It is necessary to highlight the entire line of the process https://i.imgur.com/deWEOxY.png in the process table, depending on the value of the add...
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MAKOSH | Analyst of Consolidated Information
27.03.2024, 10:52
Error in translation into Ukrainian
Congratulations! An error was made in the text when installing the paid application.
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20.03.2024, 16:57
Problems with the interface of processes and comment feeds
1. The Prom.ua and Rozetka.ua tabs are displayed in the comments feed, despite the fact that the display of these tabs is hidden. 2. After sav...
Processes under control - names of processes have disappeared, only the number is visible
Good day! From today, all processes that are installed on the control are shown as process numbers, without a description of the process. How to f...
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01.02.2024, 22:36
the display of orders has changed
From 01.02.2024, we have changed the display of orders, which was configured for us by program.vash. Please change it as it was, or tell me how to ...
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26.01.2024, 17:16
please fix the bug - in the Ukrainian version, for some reason, the "event type" field is missing
Good day, please fix the bug - in the Ukrainian version, for some reason, the field is the "type of event" field And in the interface and where it...
Please rate the finalization (products in the table)
- BP interface block "Products by table" - item "Balance in stock" Add the option to hide the "See all" button (shown on the screen, highlighte...
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12.01.2024, 19:48
Bug: Cannot select value in filter
You cannot select a value in a filter if there are similar filters in the list of displayed filters and there are more than 10 of them. Here is an ...
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03.01.2024, 14:37
Apostrophe, bug
Good afternoon There are clients whose names have an apostrophe, for example "Mar'yana". When you try to save such a name, an error appears. Box...