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Industry-specific solutions. CRM systems and ERP systems for business

There are plenty of industry-specific solutions for different business types, built on OneBox OS platform. These are CRM-systems, ERP-systems, workflow management. You can choose a ready-made industry-specific solution, order a solution from our system integrators, or create a new solution on your own.

mobile CRM for driving school
mobile CRM OneBox for online store
mobile CRM for distance learning and training
mobile CRM for volunteers VOLUNTEER
mobile CRM for a volunteer organization
amoCRM to OneBox
CRM for logistics
CRM for pharmaceuticals
CRM for hotels
CRM for production
CRM for real estate agency
CRM for law firms
CRM for HR agency
CRM of an online store working with marketplaces
CRM for the wine industry
CRM for security systems
CRM for Etsy
CRM for Instagram market
CRM for Facebook market
CRM for PromUA
CRM for working with ApiX-Drive
CRM for construction and services
CRM for dental clinics
CRM for medicine and cosmetology
CRM for a company selling and transporting natural gas
CRM for a company producing and selling pet products
CRM for an online store of children's goods
CRM for law firm
System configuration for a service center for the repair and sale of household appliances
CRM for tire company
CRM for car service station
System configuration for business process: commercial proposal
CRM for the production and sale of sports equipment
CRM for educational institutions
System configuration for a business process: Customer warm-up funnel 25 + 5 letters
System configuration and programming: 3 processes Clerical work in jurisprudence
System configuration for automatic adjustment of orders in the warehouse
System configuration and programming for the business process: Sales order
Instagram Order Processing CRM
System configuration and programming: 7 processes for the training center
mobile Configuration for vehicle sales and service
CRM for employment agency
System configuration and software: 5 processes for conducting project robots
CRM for diet food delivery
CRM for electricity supplier
CRM for retail and small wholesale offline trade
System configuration and programming 15 processes for small and medium businesses
CRM for rental office
Configuration and programming Simple task with daily practice
System configuration and programming for repetitive tasks
System configuration and programming for Real estate agency - realtors
Configuration and programming of the system for forming a series of sheets
CRM for warehousing department
CRM for purchasing department
CRM for customer service department (Call-Center)
CRM for Sales Department
CRM Configuration for Bus Passenger Carrier
CRM for service center