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Boxes have become companies

Dear users and partners of OneBox!
Now boxes (box) have become companies. We have significantly redesigned and simplified the logic of managing our companies on the 1b.app website.
Everything in order:
1. When you go to the 1b.app site and log in (using a phone number with an SMS or a static password), then your profile (OneBox ID) is simply created on the site and that's it.
No companies (boxes) are created.
2. Next, you can create your company (your box). To do this, you need to specify the name of the company and the desired address like yourcompany.1b.app.
At this moment, you will have an empty box (an empty company profile) installed, in which you can install various software from our catalog of components and services.
3. By default, your company profile is NOT published in the https://1b.app/ru/companies/ directory
To publish a company there, you need to specify a description, public contacts in its settings and select the categories to which the company belongs.
Only after that your company card will become public and other users from the catalog will be able to access it.
3.1. The Company Directory and OneBox Network are one and the same.
If your company is in the directory, it is also visible on the Network and you can make friends with it.
4. You can not create a company, but connect to an existing one if you know its address.
For example, you are an employee, the company is already on the OneBox network, you just find it in the https://1b.app/ru/companies/ directory and click the "Connect to the company" button.
Or in the top menu "My companies > Connect to a company" and specify its address.
At this point, all administrators of the company will receive a notification that such and such a user is requesting access, and you will have the opportunity to approve or reject his application.
5. You can have one OneBoxID profile, but you can have access to an unlimited number of companies (boxes), and in relation to each you can have a different role.
6. The list of boxes has now become a list of companies - https://1b.app/ru/billing/
You have the opportunity to add companies to your favorites, manage their cards, logos and descriptions.
All this is automatically pulled into your boxes. We changed the name and logo on the site - it will change in boxing too.
The list of companies is also pulled into your boxes, you can switch between companies very quickly.
7. We are constantly working on improving the company control panel and billing, so there are many more pleasant changes and announcements waiting for you.
Thank you for your attention.
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Подробнее - https://1b.app/ru/user/11/


Comfortable! Thank you!
24.04.2023, 11:09
Original comment available on version: ru

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24.04.2023, 12:55
«Один юрист із портфелем у руках награбує більше, ніж банда автоматників»

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