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yesterday, 20:39
CMS Drupal
Good evening. Please tell me if there is a possibility of integration with an online store on Drupal cms? Were there any attempts at all? Perhaps t...
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yesterday, 20:27
uploading images by directory
Good evening. We have about 15 thousand products with images in the OneBox database, which are synchronized with the online store on opencart. By d...
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yesterday, 09:49
Payments from Privat24 (personal card) stopped loading
Payments from Privat24 (personal card) stopped loading. From the evening of 11/25/22. Cron is running. No one changed the settings, but I checked -...
2 answer
25.11.2022, friday, 22:46
Product filter in additional field as multi list
Good afternoon! There is a filter in the product with 10 options. Each filter option (each option) has a free additional cost. An additional field ...
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25.11.2022, friday, 22:38
Multi list does not work in the additional field of process products
In the additional fields of the process product, an additional field with the Multi list type was configured (you need to select several options). ...
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25.11.2022, friday, 14:00
Make client phone or email field optional
Here https://1b.app/ru/api/orders/ there is a method /api/orders/add/ For the project https://univer.1b.app/ Remove the requirement for a phone num...
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25.11.2022, friday, 12:40
Writing your own CSS styles: how to add CSS styles to the Head of a contact form?
How is the code inserted into the head of the contact form? Adding styles like in the screenshot didn't work
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24.11.2022, thursday, 22:07
product images not loading
Good evening. Products on the site are not updated via api. The files themselves are created category.json categoryimages.json images.json product....
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24.11.2022, thursday, 18:11
BAG with the product interface
Product http://crm.tryalia.com.ua/app/product/1147/edit/?tabid=0 The display of blocks is configured in the interface as follows (1) But the blocks...
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24.11.2022, thursday, 15:22
Prohibition of product editing by ticking
http://crm.tryalia.com.ua/desktop/ At the moment, there is only 1 setting for editing products in access rights. A setting that would allow blocki...