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yesterday, 20:42
The click simulation in the pop-up window does not work
Here https://everest.1b.app/app/binotel/call/windows/block/ It is configured so that when a pop-up window appears, there will be an imitation of cl...
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CEO, owwa.com.ua
yesterday, 14:23
500 error when opening one of the pages of the Customer balance report
Good day, On page 3 of the Customer balance report, we get a 500 error: https://owwa.crm-onebox.com/app/report/clientbalance/?groupcompanyfirstle...
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29.02.2024, thursday, 15:17
It is necessary to configure (finish) a custom report
Congratulations! there is such a request, you need to make a report on sold products with grouping by an additional field should look something lik...
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29.02.2024, thursday, 14:55
simplify the entry of the filled-in GOOGLE FORM into the vanbox
Good afternoon, please tell me how to simplify the entry of the GOOGLE FORM filled in by the client into the van box so that the manager in the van...
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29.02.2024, thursday, 13:52
prolitech user password
Good day, The prolitech user password used to access our vps server is required. We need to make some changes to the website. Please send it to the...
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29.02.2024, thursday, 10:33
Improvement to the action “Merge processes with the same status and business process”: move the process to the required stage
Guys, please calculate the modification for the action “Merge processes with the same status and business process”. Now, the found process is being...
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29.02.2024, thursday, 10:07
Good day! You can send the module files for versions 2.1 and 3.03 to denisryzhuk@gmail.com thank you
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28.02.2024, wednesday, 17:00
Improvement: add switches to enable and disable movements
Guys, please consider a modification for the "Warehouse" application, namely: add switches to enable and disable "Can I move to this warehouse" and...
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28.02.2024, wednesday, 14:45
Distar diamond tool online store https://dtools.com.ua how to integrate with cms WP
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Good day. Please tell me how to display the columns "Shop price" "Internet price" "Wholesale price" "Purchase price" in the Products. The calculati...