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yesterday, 17:59
How the OneBox calendar appeared, about bug trackers and task control
Long story where did OneBox GTD Calendar come from and what is the main idea behind it (was it? will it be?). There is a certain rule in software d...
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yesterday, 17:27
The minute kroner does not start from 14.43
The minute kroner does not start from 14.43. And, of course, the orders are not transferred and there is no fiscalization from the checkbox. Can yo...
1 answer
yesterday, 16:43
Autocomplete barcode
Good afternoon, tell me how to automatically assign a barcode to all products?
Orders received by the system via API are not created
Orders received via API are not created. At the same time, one order out of ten was created. The difference in the logs was only in the address, wh...
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How to correctly register FTP access for uploading?
2 steps: Check out document and Upload documents to FTP/SFTP. The document is not uploaded to ftp one at a time. FTP host - do I need to specify an...
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02.12.2022, friday, 14:34
Importing goods to Rozetka
Good afternoon! Is it possible to somehow integrate the new additional fields into the Rosette import file/link? Import for the Rozetka is formed b...
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Personal license
02.12.2022, friday, 12:15
Documentation for MVP
Is it possible to get the documentation for the old version of MVP : need the following: - description of actions - description of automatic mechan...
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Personal license
02.12.2022, friday, 12:12
Statistics of the transition of clients from MVP to OneBox OS
Is it possible to get statistics on how many clients were on MVP how much has it been updated? How long does MVP plan to stay? How many plans to up...
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ПП "Усмішка плюс"
02.12.2022, friday, 09:51
Payment for OneBox OS
When trying to pay for OneBox OS (Cloud pricing for data and applications) it gives an error.
1 answer
2015952682 - Added Magento integration settings
Added "Update existing contact details" setting for integration with Magento