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yesterday, 17:52
Illegal IP address
Does not allow the employee to enter the OS. Although, before that, another employee with the same data from a different IP address calmly logged i...
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yesterday, 09:41
Transferring an Opencart site to a hosting that works well with OneBox
Good afternoon. We are moving the site on Opencart to hetzner.com hosting for better communication with OneBox, and the integrators advised me to f...
2015963458 - Added settings for printing price tags
The "Print the entire product range" setting has been added to the price tag print button
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02.02.2023, thursday, 23:45
1b.app/media/export/opencart/product.json: failed to open stream
Good afternoon. In the automation processes, identical processes are configured for two sites for unloading products (via API + DB). Visible on the...
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ФОП Легеза Вячеслав Валерианович
Personal license
02.02.2023, thursday, 19:39
Calculation of the amount from VAT in the document with an error: the variable {ordersum[#2]} in the document gives an incorrect value
The problem is the same in any OneBox, that is, it is a system error Now questions about this system: yesenergy,1b,app Here is the document templat...
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02.02.2023, thursday, 19:08
The order number in the product table does not wrap to a new line
In the BP, the Customer Order in the Supplier Setting column is not moved to a new line with the order number, which stretches the column width. In...
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02.02.2023, thursday, 18:17
Bug - filtering by BP and status does not work correctly
Showed up just a few days ago. When switching to any BP, the filter only displayed statuses for this BP. Now the filter displays all existing PSUs.
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02.02.2023, thursday, 18:15
Unable to connect the app
Good day For some reason, the application cannot be connected. I get an error: [API] Invalid API key or access token (unrecognized login or wrong p...
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02.02.2023, thursday, 18:01
Automatic Google address replacement and Google map do not work
Good day! The Google maps automatic address prompt and the "Google maps map" block in the ordering process stopped working. Tell me it's related to...
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02.02.2023, thursday, 11:23
viber + alfasms
Alfasms has a mailing service in viber is there any integration with this functionality or does this application work only with sms