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BUG calls are not displayed, pop-ups, no call records
Telephony is empty https://sbplus.1b.app/app/binotel-1/ Api comes https://sbplus.1b.app/app/app-api/ Events are https://sbplus.1b.app/app/event/ Ca...
3 answer
21.10.2022, 14:08
Can I somehow get/buy an integration code with CallsApp?
10 replies
18.10.2022, 13:00
Display of the call source in a pop-up window when there is an incoming call
Problem: When there is an incoming call, displays the SOURCE (source). There are created sources: In the Events section (link source and event), e...
5 replies
Друкарня "Друкарик"
29.09.2022, 13:29
Kyivstar Telephony
The integration with Kyivstar works: the Box contains all call events and a window appears when there is an incoming call. Problems arise when we p...
How to direct incoming calls to the person in charge
Ringo claims that boxing does not give responsibility for the client, how to make it so that when the client calls, the call goes to his manager?
7 replies
22.09.2022, 15:38
Binotel and vanbox user integration
How can I add this integration for a new user? the main task is that by clicking on the phone number, this phone is transferred to the softphone, a...
1 answer
16.09.2022, 16:06
Integration stopped working
Tell me why the integration suddenly stopped working? Instead of the number they are calling, there is an empty cell.
2 answer
Papidu Digital Agency
06.09.2022, 13:37
Authorization error in Phonet integration
Good day. I encountered a problem when setting up the integration of the box and Phonet telephony. The problem is as follows, when the integration ...
1 answer
02.09.2022, 12:14
Selecting multiple roles in Call Forwarding
Need setup here https://datapoint.center/admin/shop/report/callrouting/57/ To be able to select multiple roles. And in order for this to work with...
7 replies
31.08.2022, 16:52
Weekend calls are not accepted Binotel
May 2 problems: 1. When pressing on a number for a call, the incoming call is started, not the outgoing one (!). After the call is attached, a pard...