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yesterday, 16:10
Automation does not work - a process is not created based on a missed call
Automation stopped working. Integration settings on screenshots. We tried all sorts of settings. We contacted Binotel support - eve...
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10.04.2024, 14:14
Recommend IP telephony.
Good day. I choose IR-telephony, Binotel, Ringostar, Phonet... Everything costs about the same and has a similar interface. What works better, reco...
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01.04.2024, 12:31
The telephony window disappeared again
Good day! The Kyivstar telephony window has disappeared again. No calls of any kind.
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19.03.2024, 11:59
Kyivstar telephony window does not appear
Good day! The Kyivstar call form does not appear (any numbers). Tokens were changed, but it did not help. The application was submitted to Kyivstar...
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05.03.2024, 18:03
Display of data when integrating lirax telephony
when installing the lirax telephony integration application, there is no data in the table. The events themselves come to the events section
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01.03.2024, 20:42
The click simulation in the pop-up window does not work
Here https://everest.1b.app/app/binotel/call/windows/block/ It is configured so that when a pop-up window appears, there will be an imitation of cl...
Why are calls duplicated?
Please help to fix the problem of duplicate calls: when you make one call, they are listed as two identical calls. Also wondering how you can add c...
Bug created for missed calls from Binotel
During business hours, the action "Create a process based on a missed call" works! https://askoart.1b.app/app/event/7329/ - event https://askoart.1...
Telephony window
Good day. Telephony pop-up window with customer details no longer appears during calls.
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28.12.2023, 10:28
Planned works to improve security at Ringostat
Good afternoon, we received a letter from Ringostat: "Ringostat does not stand still and is constantly improving the service, therefore on 03.01.24...