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09.12.2022, 16:04
About business profitability and support
About business profitability, support and smoothies Investors invest in businesses that generate profits. Profit is more income and less expenses. ...
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07.12.2022, 15:06
About the market of project management and planning tools
There is a software market on the subject of "project management, tool, planning software, todo-ers". These are all our favorite task lis...
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05.12.2022, 21:39
How I forced employees to work according to the plan and what it led to
Continuation of the story on calendars and planning in OneBox. The beginning of the story is here - https://1b.app/ru/forum/onebox-chronicles/16029...
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03.12.2022, 17:59
How the OneBox calendar appeared, about bug trackers and task control
Long story where did OneBox GTD Calendar come from and what is the main idea behind it (was it? will it be?). There is a certain rule in software d...
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01.12.2022, 13:55
About OneBox chronicles or a new informal blog
Hi all! My name is Maxim Miroshnichenko, I am the CEO of OneBox. Once upon a time, I came up with this software, at the beginning I coded a lot of ...