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23.11.2022, wednesday, 07:49
Link to the check in the checkbox
Hello! Can you please tell me how to send a link to a check to a client from Boxing? When viewing a check in the checkbox, this link is and has th...
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Please check the correctness of the settings and answer a few questions
api login and api password for settings https://ibb.co/tsPBXj8 taken from the CASHIER login and password https://my.checkbox.ua/dashboard/employees...
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Does not create a check and does not open the integration settings
When trying to create a check, an error about unconfigured integration is displayed (in all orders). When I went to the checkbox app and tried to o...
Error when opening a new shift by a user (cashier)
https://senseeducation.1b.app/admin/shop/workflowstatus/81/action/new/ specified a test license key from the cash register checkbox I'm tryin...
Where can I get the PRRO license key?
in the action of opening the cash register there is a field license key prro where to get it? found the answer in the top https://1b.app/ru/forum/...
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More than 2 requests per second to create a check in Checkbox are sent from OneBox
They called Checkbox and said that more than 2 requests per second to create a check are sent from my VanBox. If the issue is not resolved during S...
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30.09.2022, 17:45
How to transfer VAT and Excise duty to the goods receipt at the same time
It is necessary to adjust the display of two taxes (VAT and excise) in the check. Checkbox technical support replied that the code should be transf...
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Please help! Checkbox stopped working
Tell me, were there any cardinal changes made to the Checkbox applications that could affect the work of all boxes? No actions that influenced this...
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The specified check id already exists
256005 - I cannot transfer the order to the "[R] Manufactured" stage Gives an error: The specified check id already exists I think the re...
Title - Need to upgrade your system? Missing setting
Here is a topic https://1b.app/ua/forum/cashier_and_software_ppo/15038-oshibka-pri-vidache-remon... there it is described that there is a check for...