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Component «Calendar»

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How it works «Calendar» #

Classic calendar. Install the Calendar app and specify which tasks, orders, projects, processes and other you want to be displayed, using the app settings. Tasks will be shown in the app and tied up to the palnning date and time (order's "Planned" field).

You can view the tasks in daily, weekly (default) or monthly mode. You can drag tasks over the days (sideways - to the left and to the right), change their ordering and priority (up and down).

You can send the process shown in Calendar to another app, configure automation, add observers, charge off the funds for the client's order etc. The app can be displayed in full screen mode.

Screenshots «Calendar» #

Available Platforms «Calendar» #

Application Calendar available on Android
Available on Android
Application Calendar available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Calendar available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Calendar available on my server
Available on my server
Application Calendar can be installed multiple times
Can be installed multiple times
Application Calendar customizable

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