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Business and business process automation

There are plenty of industry-specific solutions for different business types, built on OneBox OS platform. These are CRM-systems, ERP-systems, workflow management. You can choose a ready-made industry-specific solution, order a solution from our system integrators, or create a new solution on your own.
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Interested in comprehensive business process automation? With OneBox OS, you can achieve your goals in record time. Choose a ready-made industry solution or create your own software that will flexibly adapt to changing needs. Simplify the execution of repetitive tasks related to both core business operations and business development. Increase staff efficiency in various areas and, as a result, increase company profits!

Benefits of automation for business

Business automation systems help optimize the performance of core processes that are essential to a company's operations, as well as supporting operations such as accounting, reporting, document management, etc. By implementing a powerful software product (CRM system, ERP, industry solution), you will expand the organization's business process capabilities and reduce human errors inherent in manual labor.

Time and money savings

Speed up the performance of daily tasks and reduce the costs of resources necessary for the core activities of the company and achieving current goals.

Increased productivity

Achieve maximum employee productivity by reducing routine manual operations and simplifying interdepartmental communication.

Assign tasks by importance and urgency, assign performers, and track progress within each project, ensuring transparency of the situation and compliance with corporate policies.

Streamlined data management

Manage documents centrally, find information in seconds in a database, and easily exchange information between departmental information systems, points of sale, and branches.

Standardization of processes

Be confident that employees follow all rules for filling out documents, updating and making changes, monitor data usage and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Improved customer service

Collect information about customer preferences and use it to create personalized offers, thereby increasing loyalty and trust in your company.

Which business processes can be automated?

Automation is important for repetitive business processes in a company that take a lot of time when performed manually:

  1. Managing customer base.
  2. Order taking and processing.
  3. Concluding retail and wholesale deals.
  4. Managing product catalog.
  5. Document preparation.
  6. Monitoring customer payments.
  7. Working with suppliers.
  8. Tracking deliveries.
  9. Document management.
  10. Managerial accounting.
  11. Bookkeeping and reporting.
  12. Product and inventory management.
  13. Timekeeping.
  14. Creating email and SMS campaigns.

Why do businesses in Ukraine choose OneBox's free business automation systems?

OneBox's cloud platform is aimed at creating both complex corporate systems (CRM, ERP) and specialized solutions.

Flexible program configuration

One of the key features of OneBox is the simple adaptation of software to the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. Using an intuitive interface, you can scale the solution as tasks expand and the number of users increases.

A large Ukrainian community of users and integrators

OneBox is successfully used by thousands of enterprises throughout Ukraine to automate work in various fields. To provide the best user experience for each client, we maintain connections with integrators, developers, and technical support specialists.

Solutions for different business sectors

OneBox is a great option if you want to create an industry-specific program for turnkey business automation. You can independently develop a solution of any complexity for your market niche and customize it to current needs.

Integration with popular services

The platform has broad integration capabilities with third-party tools for accounting and tax accounting, creating mailings, analyzing web activity, making calls, and more. This makes it easier and faster to automate business processes.

Data security and confidentiality

The automation solution created based on OneBox guarantees the security of the information stored in the software. Reduce the risks of unauthorized access to the system and maintain confidentiality by differentiating access rights.

Accessible free tariff

The basic functionality is available for free with minor restrictions. If you need additional features, simply choose another tariff. If necessary, we will provide consultation, support, assistance in customization and implementation.

Why OneBox provides the best business automation systems in Ukraine?

The cloud service OneBox OS is oriented towards automating business processes management in enterprises, regardless of industry and scale. Develop your own software, perform third-party integrations, integrate it into your IT infrastructure, and customize it to the needs of your employees. As a result of automating your company, you will maximize labor productivity and strengthen management control. It's a great opportunity to improve internal processes and strengthen customer relationships!

Choose OneBox OS to increase business efficiency!

FAQ about Business and business process automation

What is the purpose of automating business processes for a company?

Automating company processes aims to save money and resources, as well as increase competitiveness within the industry.

What should be automated first?

At the initial stage, it makes sense to automate sales, customer service, production, and other processes that directly affect business profitability.

What is meant by a business process?

It is the sequence of any actions or operations that are repeated multiple times and oriented towards creating value for the customer.

What is business process automation?

It refers to transferring repetitive manual actions to digital services for automation, including CRM, ERP, and various industry-specific solutions.

What can be automated in business?

Sales management, marketing, employee time tracking, accounting, document management, inventory management... It all depends on the individual needs of the company.

Which processes should be automated?

It is important to automate all operations that are performed regularly and require a lot of time and effort, such as tracking production costs, calculating employee salaries, monitoring inventory levels, and controlling transactions with customers and suppliers.