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Regular email client, which can work with any corporate IMAP and SMTP in real time.

As soon as an email is delivered to you, you will see it in your Mail app.

Mail app in OneBox OS allows to understand which contact sent the email just in one click, then quickly get over to this contact's card (Contacts app), filter the whole conversation history with the contact across the company and the structure, and also convert the email into a task or a deal, without having to Copy-Paste the text into CRM-system.

The Mail app collects all emails in background and puts them into the special archive. To review the archive you'd need to install Events app, where all emails, calls and communications are grouped by contacts.

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Available Platforms «Mail» #

Application Mail available on Android
Available on Android
Application Mail available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Mail available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Mail available on my server
Available on my server
Application Mail customizable

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7 replies
28.08.2023, 10:39
The system does not receive letters
Here is the letter 08/28/2023 10:33 https://prnt.sc/fCs5y-KyePHf https://univer.1b.app/app/event/?evtypeArray%5B%5D=email&showhidden=1&da...
11 replies
Emails not being sent from box to gmail addresses
Hello boxing tcbs.crm-onebox.com. Emails are not sent to gmail addresses when exporting products and it is not possible to recover passwords in you...
2 answer
18.07.2023, 10:36
Sometimes documents are not sent
Here is the process https://sara.1box.link/55020/ From the status "NEW.ZMOVL" go to "Very. payment FOP" Documents are created on the status "Och....
1 answer
04.07.2023, 19:30
Files and documents not attached
Here https://sara.1box.link/36872/?tabid=0 At the step https://sara.1box.link/admin/shop/workflowstatus/237/action/new/ there is an action "Send ...
5 replies
05.06.2023, 15:02
It takes a very long time to send letters
Good day Letters are sent at best once an hour, can you see why? https://orc-test.kiev.ua/
4 answer
26.05.2023, 17:21
microsoft mail not working
Here https://univer.1b.app/app/imap-new/settings/ Mail is not working mybroker@univer.ua There was an incoming letter but there is no letter in t...
Email notifications
I tried to implement sending notifications to customers by email about their orders. In the list to whom to send, the client indicated, as in the s...
8 replies
01.05.2023, 11:51
microsoft mail not working
Here is a revision https://1b.app/ru/forum/mail-management-solutions/16572-pochta-microsoft/ Mail is not working now Perhaps this is due to movin...
Sending letters
There was such a problem. It is necessary to select a substring from a variable containing a string, on a template for sending messages by mail. {|...
Automation to convert Convert letter to process did not work
https://construct.1b.app/app/email/?userNameMain=Роман+Александрович&email=n... One of the letters that came to Vanbox did no...