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Application Questions and Answers «Mail»

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Personal license
11.01.2023, 15:03
Scheduled letter
Good day, is it possible to cancel a scheduled letter by using the "Send message by email" action?
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preg for emails - [Evaluate]
It is necessary to evaluate the possibility through the action "turn the letter into a process" add values to additional fields of process products...
Error when connecting mail and, accordingly, letters do not arrive in the "Events" application
How to solve this problem? Error: "IMAP: [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Invalid credentials (Failure) Too many login failures"
3 answer
The signature is displayed crookedly
Congratulations! I encountered a problem when adding a signature, with photos, contacts, etc. when sending mail through the comments, the photo doe...
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Друкарня "Друкарик"
17.11.2022, 16:29
Emails from the drukaryk.com site (old Box) do not arrive in Box OS drukaryk.1b.app/
Emails from the drukaryk.com site (old Box) do not arrive in Box OS drukaryk.1b.app/ Maybe the problem is that the same e-mail is connected to two ...
Mail.ru connection
Good afternoon, the MVP box is trying to connect mail from mel.ru writes the password is not correct, but the password is suitable for entering un...
Corporate mail is not connected, error: IMAP: TLS/SSL failure for mail.bestorg.kz: SSL negotiation failed
in the settings as in the instructions, the SSL check is disabled. It is not on the server. Authorization passed through Thunderbird Fail differen...
Export of goods to mail does not work
Export of goods to mail does not work here is an example of export
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09.08.2022, 16:37
All draft versions from gmail are uploaded to OneBox
Good day. When writing a letter from the gmail mail client, all draft versions are uploaded to OneBox. For example, when writing a letter, the draf...
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27.07.2022, 16:06
mail integration does not work
a letter came to Newdelhi.com.ua IMAP parser Mail Attention! The integration of your OneBox newdelhi.com.ua with the zakaz@newdelhi.com.ua mailbox ...