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CEO, owwa.com.ua
29.06.2023, 21:20
On the page of the work schedule there are fields of warehouse cells and filtering by them
How can you remove the display of warehouse cells in the work schedule? it greatly interferes with viewing the schedule of workers. Link: https://...
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17.04.2023, 12:59
The employee is automatically assigned a work schedule
Here https://rivcont.info/app/worktime/?filtermanagerid%5B%5D=244429&datefrom=202... 8C%D1%82%D1%80...
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The employee cannot edit and view the work schedule
Good day! Gave the Employee group access to the Employee Schedule application https://monosnap.com/file/lbFLtVVvjiHj91GQxiuCjVBrt8CCnv. But, as it ...
Interface improvements
Or I didn’t find or the opportunity to massively set the working time was gone, you need to set the From and To time in the general list for each d...
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ФОП Легеза В.В.
Personal license
23.03.2021, 17:31
Training for OneBox users by Max Miroshnichenko ;)
Max, I turn to you with a public offer, to increase the number of satisfied OneBoxes user entrepreneurs. I have a training course in my asset, whic...
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Describe the principle of operation of the action Distribute business processes on an employee by day
By what principle does boxing distribute tasks if you put the action "Distribute business processes on an employee by day"? I set this ac...