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Help is needed in the integration of the Instagram application
The client asked to demonstrate the integration capabilities of OneBOX and Instagram. We created a business Instagram account, but it is not possib...
4 answer
26.09.2022, 11:23
Do not create a form if the URL parameters contain an order id
Here is a form https://timelearn.1b.app/form/2939/8/ here are its settings https://timelearn.1b.app/app/forms/11/edit/ in her parameters 2939 is th...
3 answer
Papidu Digital Agency
17.07.2022, 18:29
Form on site
Hello! Please tell me how to resolve the issue. On the job search site, next to each vacancy, there is a button to leave an application, after whic...
3 answer
forum not working properly
I bought OneBox and am actively setting it up with the official distributor. But the forum and application installation do not work for me: there i...
1 answer
12.07.2022, 16:41
Evaluation of the additional form
Є form https://kolotebe.1b.app/app/forms/4/edit/ Hochemo vikoristuvavati tse nalashtuvannya But it is possible, as if to work, that if I corrected...
1 answer
Form - field type "address with google hint"
We have forms and field type options and there is such a field in the process I need the form to have an option for a field that works like &quot...
1 answer
Create a multi-select in the form - can we modify it?
There are options in the form settings Is it possible to make this value be of type multilist ? That is, when filling in, it was possible to speci...
2 answer
06.06.2022, 19:41
I can't figure out how to integrate instagram into srm
Product selection field. How to setup?
How to correctly configure the output of the field with the choice of goods in the form? The product was created, credited to the warehouse, the qu...
8 replies
14.04.2022, 10:55
Is there an analogue of i2CRM?
Good afternoon! Tell me, is there an analogue of i2CRM for Instagram? Or maybe it will appear in the near future?