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03.01.2023, 18:21
The filter
2 postings of products with different quantities were carried out. In the data on the balances in warehouses, all data is recorded in one field: ht...
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03.01.2023, 12:09
Currency in posting and in the journal
Here https://rivcont.info/app/settings/storage/ there is a setting "Add products to posting in the selected currency" 1. When posting https://rivco...
1 answer
07.12.2022, 13:02
Barcode printing blank stickers
Good afternoon, when printing a barcode, the first and last stickers are always blank. What could be the problem?
3 answer
07.12.2022, 10:53
Barcode variables do not match
Good afternoon! There is a problem setting up a print template for barcodes. The variable for the image barcode and the regular barcode variable do...
3 answer
03.12.2022, 16:43
Autocomplete barcode
Good afternoon, tell me how to automatically assign a barcode to all products?
2 answer
01.12.2022, 20:07
Barcode Template
Good afternoon! Tell me how to create barcode templates correctly, here is an example: The {row:product_barcode} variable is inserted into the edit...
Product not displayed
Today, the product has ceased to be displayed in some orders, as on the screen. Those it is added, taken into account, but not displayed. What coul...
4 answer
18.11.2022, 10:51
Additional fields tied to product filters
We created additional fields in the warehouse with binding to product filters. But when posting, additional fields are displayed, but lists of valu...
Evaluate revision: search for serials by process products by barcode
Greetings, dear developers! In general, such an interesting refinement is required: Suppose there is a product with a serial number in the warehous...
Unable to add products to the cart
https://senseeducation.1b.app/app/storage/process/outcoming/ If you choose to find create, then the products are not displayed in the list if throu...