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24.05.2024, friday, 15:27
Error notification color when adding a product by barcode is unsuccessful
Please change the color of the notification when adding an item using a barcode is unsuccessful in the Re-listing section to red. Ideally, add erro...
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17.05.2024, 16:08
Needs improvement: Display Total Lines in the Re-Accounting and Saved Re-Accounting Records section
We need total lines for all columns with numerical values ​​in Re-Accounting and in Saved Re-Accounting Records. The number in the total rows sh...
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08.05.2024, 22:24
The input price in the process and in the journal is different
In the warehouse there are items purchased at different times at different prices. After moving positions from one warehouse to another, we have th...
2 answer
08.05.2024, 11:25
How to use OneBox with Data Collection Terminal? Is there a solution?
Good afternoon! Please help me figure it out. A seller in an offline store needs to do the following: - acceptance of goods; - re-registration of t...
1 answer
30.04.2024, 16:17
Evaluate the possibility of implementing the refinement of the bar coding function
It is necessary to create a separate program in which you can read the bar code of the product using the phone's camera and it is possible to see i...
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17.04.2024, 17:25
Incorrect calculation of the purchase amount in the journal
Here https://poland.1b.app/admin/shop/storage/motion/546/?productid= We are trying to edit a journal entry and change the purchase price to 2 zl...
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27.03.2024, 12:12
Product reserve bug
Good afternoon. We noticed that OneBox shows a product that is actually out of stock. This item is on reserve, but is not connected to the order i...
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21.03.2024, 18:24
Filter by brand in the Warehouse Journal
Please add a Brand Filter in the Warehouse Operations Journal app/storage/tab/journal/ There are categories, but a brand is missing. It is impossi...
Report on products written off from warehouses
Is it possible to somehow make a report so that all products for which there was a warehouse write-off operation can be extracted? Select the time ...
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ФОП Легеза В.В.
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18.03.2024, 15:34
What are the restrictions on the number of rows/products in an excel table?
There are 729 records left in the download file Tried to download up to 10 lines, everything works OK More than half an hour has passed since the i...