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BUG variable {clientemail} not working
in the document templates https://sbplus.1b.app/app/document/templates/3/control/ and https://sbplus.1b.app/app/document/templates/2/control/ there...
To developers, bug, PDF is not generated from the generated document
https://www.loom.com/share/15ae79e790ac4ed49c131ebd089a2e7a there is no pdf in the document to send to the client portal https://absstroymarket.1b....
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The portrait orientation of the pdf document does not work
In the document template https://one-box.shine-bright.com.ua/admin/shop/document/templates/22/control/, the Landscape orientation of the pdf docume...
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11.11.2022, 10:57
Variables don't work {|$ordercdate|} {|$orderdate|}
Hello. Variables in comments don't work, please fix. {|$orderdate|} process creation date in the format 12/31/1986 {|$ordercdate|} process crea...
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10.11.2022, 13:51
Show date in comments
Hello! Tell me, is it possible to format the output of the date in variables for documents or in comments? In documents, the default date is day/mo...
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28.09.2022, 15:50
The document is automatically generated in the BOX system - more than CRM and ER
The document is automatically generated in the BOX system - more than CRM and ER - how to clean up the template?
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27.09.2022, 23:34
Document template: Is it possible to do a "if" check in the template?
Hello! Tell me, please, is it possible to make a check in the document template so that, depending on the additional field of the process or real t...
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26.09.2022, 11:07
Error when creating document with QR
Here is the process https://entertainment.1b.app/26/ Created a document in it https://entertainment.1b.app/app/document/6/control/ using a variable...
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26.09.2022, 11:05
Evaluate the refinement of the qr code variable
Here is the document template https://entertainment.1b.app/app/document/templates/1/control/ We can use product qr id row:product_qr_productid it ...
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22.09.2022, 01:01
How to add headers and footers to a template?
Filled in your template, how to add headers and footers?