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15.07.2021, 20:29
Proposal to create an online technical support product
Respectable partners! With the release of OneBox OS, the tariff line has changed, the essence of the boxed version has changed, and most importantl...
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02.07.2021, 13:36
Partners can write their announcements to all OneBox customers
Respectable partners! You have the opportunity to publish your announcements on the OneBox forum in the category "News and announcements from ...
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02.07.2021, 12:35
Q&A session on OneBox OS
Respectable partners! Next week on Tuesday-Wednesday (6th-7th) we plan to hold a question-answer session for partners (integrators and distributors...
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25.06.2021, 11:14
Creation of own applications for partners
Respectable partners, you have the opportunity to create your own application for OneBox OS and place it on our website. This article describes the...
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25.06.2021, 11:01
We are ready to pack business processes into applications
Respectable partners, we are ready to pack business processes into applications (workflow apps) and put them on the site. Workflow app is an applic...
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ФОП Легеза В.В.
Personal license
14.06.2021, 13:45
Go to beta OneBox OS
Please transfer to beta https://icolor.crm-onebox.com/ with saving conditions and settings
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31.03.2021, 09:59
OneBox OS - where to report bugs in the interface
Dear employees and partners! Today box.webproduction.ua has been updated to OneBox OS. If you have bugs in the interface or something does not work...
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22.03.2021, 11:55
Official clarification for partners about boxes, updates and OneBox OS
Respectable partners, I decided to write this post to clarify all the nuances about boxes, updates and the next OneBox product. Right now it's ...
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22.03.2021, 10:53
Contract offer on the OneBox forum
Respectable partners, we offer each of you a contract for answers on the OneBox forum. Background: In the near future the forum will be divided int...
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12.03.2021, 09:04
Sales Partners: Box prices will skyrocket with the release of OneBox OS
Dear sales partners! I inform you in advance that with the release of OneBox OS, the essence of the boxes will change. The box will cost 250 USD/us...