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16.11.2022, 10:06
Bulk create processes from the Contacts app
Hello! Tell me, please, is it possible to configure so that when creating processes for several contacts, processes are created without a prelimina...
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11.11.2022, 14:46
What to do if there is an apostrophe in the client's name and boxing does not allow saving if there are special characters in the first or last...
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Email lead not created
We have the following process: - applications from the site come to a specially created email - from this email we parse them and create deals - on...
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Personal license
25.10.2022, 12:06
OS date format in English
question of the format https://www.grammarly.com/blog/how-to-write-dates/ - correctly, the month is always capitalized and with a comma like this: ...
Developers, Merge is not correct logic
I combined and I see this, I again need to go to the search, and look for whom I combined with contacts and orders. When the union passes, either r...
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19.10.2022, 11:22
The field in the contact card is not cleared
Hello! The Group field is not cleared in the contact card. https://ptichkinsad.1b.app/app/contact/5621/ The "clear" function does not wor...
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17.10.2022, 11:18
Completion of the action "Fill in the field of the contact card based on another field"
Completion of the action "Fill in the field of the contact card based on another field" In the "copy from" field, you need to m...
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13.10.2022, 09:52
what about onebox os contacts?
Good afternoon, tell me please, what is onebox os about contact information?
Does not open events
Good afternoon, if you use the "communication history" block in a contact and click on the name of an event, the event does not redirect ...
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26.09.2022, 12:11
Not correctly displaying the number of contacts in the category
https://hdp.1b.app/desktop/ Bachimo in category without group showing 1580 contacts. But if it is transferable, then there are no contacts in this ...