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List of related questions and answers «List of 2022 OneBox OS changes»

2015956295 - Added settings to the
Added settings for the "Universal Product Import" action "Search for products by combination of field values" option "Product ID in Onebox" to sear...
2015958444 - Added settings to the action "Import goods from Khorosop"
The "Search products by article" setting has been added to the "Import goods from Horosop" action
2015957666 - Magento integration functionality has been improved
For the "Import orders from Magento" action, the collection of data from the discount_description parameter into the additional field of ...
2015957088 - OpenCart functionality has been improved
Added "Format your region's address" setting to the OpenCart order import action.
2015957663 - Added settings for warehouses
A setting has been added that allows you to display the products with the largest balance in the list of balances (if no filtering by warehouses is...
2015957481 - The functionality of the action "Import applications to TMS Tocan Solutions" has been improved
For the action "Import applications to TMS Tocan Solutions" logging of the processes that are transferred has been added.
2015957089 - Added DaData integration action
Added new automatic action "Standardize process address using DaData service"
2015957091 - Added action to delete contacts
Added automatic action once a day "Delete contacts created in the last X days, whose name matches the phone number"
2015957090 - Added a new setting to the "Products by table" block
In the "Products by table" block, the setting "When adding a fictitious product to the table - create a product in the system with t...
2015956337 - Added settings to budgets
For budgets, the setting "Enable by default the setting "Do not add a comment about enrollment" when adding a transaction" has ...