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CRM for managing company orders
We need a system for convenient management of orders and tasks of the company. You need to see the movement of processes and the load on the perfor...
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15.05.2024, 13:25
How to work with quantity
I need to take the quantity for each product and multiply it by some double field. I'm already looking https://prnt.sc/YrejY5cs4RvL And so https://...
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Managers and service stopped seeing attachments
From today, the Managers and service groups stopped seeing attachments in the order header. process example https://tcbs.crm-onebox.com/60015/ Ther...
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The numbering of business processes began to jump
https://prnt.sc/Fe8ThO_wsJOB from 11/04, the numbering of business processes began to jump. BP numbers are added not in order, but after some rando...
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04.04.2024, 16:51
BUG! Products fly off reserve
Good afternoon. Today a problem has arisen: the same product is constantly leaving the reserve in different BPs and at different stages. Order exam...
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15.03.2024, 10:34
Search by article does not work in CRM (in the order itself)
Good afternoon. Search by article does not work in CRM (in the order itself) For example: art. 16944 https://prnt.sc/Kx5rZuWe0yPE art.16818 https:/...
Highlighting of items in the product table
Good day. Tell me if there is any way to adjust the lighting in the product table. For example, to illuminate with a certain color or not at all, ...
Group deletion of positions
Hello, is there a way to delete all positions with one click?
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29.01.2024, 15:38
Product reserve
Good afternoon. There is a problem with the reserve of goods; at the “Reserve” stage we have the action “Reserve instead of the process in the wa...
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23.01.2024, 14:05
The action "Move the execution date of the process to the next day if the business process is open" does not work
There are orders that should be automatically moved to the next day in the calendar by the "Execute by" date They are in the "Awaiting Payment" and...