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CRM for managing company orders
We need a system for convenient management of orders and tasks of the company. You need to see the movement of processes and the load on the perfor...
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yesterday, 14:15
SMS / viber is not sent at a certain stage of the BP
Good afternoon. At many stages of the BP, we send a message to viber, if viber is not available, then by SMS. At one stage (Sent), SMS is not sent,...
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23.01.2023, 17:23
Missing order history
Order history disappeared after Onebox system update. Onebox does not see order history until 01/14/2023
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20.01.2023, 18:48
504 error
When following the link https://gadgetopt.crm-onebox.com/674023/ 504 error. Please see what's wrong and fix it.
When selecting a product, a filter must be available in the selected product category
in the order When selecting a product, a filter must be available as in the product category https://rovo.org.ua/admin/shop/category/7323/ which i...
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Display an additional field in the order card
Good day! At the card, I need a lot of money to be stingy with every purchase earlier. For example, enter three values: the number of the engagemen...
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07.10.2022, 11:55
Bug in onebox. Don't try to find comrades at the zamovlennyah.
Good day! There was a bug in https://partstore.crm-onebox.com/ the contributor did not search for goods in search . If the prayer is created throu...
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05.09.2022, 11:38
Bonus filters tab
Using the contact example https://datapoint.center/admin/shop/users/3/bonus/ Opened the Bonuses tab, there are some filters by default Is it possib...
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15.08.2022, 11:29
Rate Bulk author change
https://datapoint.center/ In the panel of mass changes, you need to finalize the mass change of the Author of the process Please rate the improvement.
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10.08.2022, 09:52
Switch owner based on role
Action Switch owner based on role We want with it: To distribute missed calls to employees of the selected role in turn, taking into account the sc...