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Workflows application #

Workflows is an application for creating business processes using graphical diagrams. It is suitable for any field of activity and allows a business to grow and develop regardless of market conditions and other factors. Workflows software for business processes allows you to implement a process approach in the work of various departments of the company and effectively manage changes throughout the enterprise.

A workflow is a set of repeatable steps that are performed sequentially to help people and systems achieve their goals, define objectives, and ensure their effective implementation. And this is a key factor affecting the success of an enterprise.

Visualization of business processes using Workflows displays a list of tasks and the sequence of their execution, presented in the form of a diagram - simple and understandable for employees. Each element of the diagram is a stage in which a task can be.

Key benefits of Workflows business process modeling software

  1. Unlimited possibilities. An unlimited number of tasks can be created in Workflows.
  2. Ease of operation. Any complex scheme can be created without involving a developer.
  3. Wide functionality. Workflows contains ready-made solutions for organizing business tasks of an enterprise.

Workflows functionality

The OneBox business process builder is suitable for enterprises of any size, regardless of the field of activity. It opens up such opportunities:

  1. Simple business process management. The program allows you to simulate and automate tasks of any complexity. They can be created in unlimited quantities with any number of stages in each scheme.
  2. Library of ready-made business processes. You can download a business process template from the library at any time and adapt it to the activities of your enterprise.
  3. Organization of interaction between employees. Workflows allows you to clearly organize the interaction of specialists and ensure compliance with regulations in the work of the enterprise.
  4. Possibility of continual improvement. You can build diagrams yourself and change them in the course of work, add new stages, etc.

The Workflows application has an intuitive interface. Installed on Android, iOS, and also in the cloud. This way you can have access that is most convenient for you.

Building business processes with Workflows becomes simple and straightforward. You can customize the application yourself or order the services of a specialist from our company and create turnkey business processes.

How it works «Workflows» #

Workflows allows you to create the unlimited number of workflows, based on simple and very clear flow charts.

Workflows is a core OneBox application, almost all its aspects are built on workflows.

Workflow is a chart with stages.

Each rectangle in a chart represents a stage (status, state) an order (a task, deal or project) could reside.

The arrows show available transitions between the stages to define the way your orders (processes) may move along.

No, it is not the BPMN-notation, it's much more easy and clear.

You can assign the unlimited number of various automations to every stage and also configure interface on "how should the order look at this specific stage".

Workflows created in the app then appear on the OneBox OS desktop as applications.

For example, you can create "Order processing" workflow and the shortcut "My orders" will appear on the desktop, where all your orders will start to arrive to.

Workflows is a powerful tool for implementation of business-logics without involving the developers (low-code / no-code).

You can build workflows on your own and seek advice from OneBox users on the forum, otherwise you can choose any OneBox partner, who can help you to configure workflows on a turn-key basis.

Screenshots «Workflows» #

Available Platforms «Workflows» #

Application Workflows available on Android
Available on Android
Application Workflows available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Workflows available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Workflows available on my server
Available on my server
Application Workflows customizable

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