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Create your first business process “Ordering” and run it

Workflow is a schematic map (flowchart) objects can follow to move by within OneBox OS.

To create a workflow you need to perform the following actions:

1. Open "Workflows" app:

2. Click on "+" and choose "Add a workflow":


3. Specify the name of workflow, the group and click on "Create a workflow..."

4. Now you need to create a flowchart with workflow stages (statuses), by clicking on "+" and providing them names:

5. Connect the statuses with arrows between each other. Hold down the LMB (left mouse button) at "+" near the stage, you need to draw an arrow from, and drag it to the stage, you need to connect it to. Eventually, you will get something like this kind of schema:

Our workflow is ready, and we can run it now.

1. Open the "Orders" app:

Click on "+", specify the name, select the workflow you created previously and click the "Create" button. The workflow will be created and you'll see the similar interface:

Workflow stages, you can move to at the moment, are displayed at the bottom,

as well as the current status of the process.

To move to another stage just click on its name and transition will be executed.

After you move to the next stage, there will be another stages to switch to displayed at the bottom, in accordance with the preconfigured flowchart.

Open the "Orders" app to review the list of all orders and information on them.

You will see the general list of processes, which belong to the "Orders" group, on the page.

You can filter all orders by certain criteria to display only required ones. To filter the order you need to: 

Open filtering pane in the list of all orders:

Fill in one or several fields you want to filter the orders by (For example date of creation and workflow stage).

Click on "Filter" button.

And you'll have only those orders displayed, which comply with given filters.