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Divide contacts into groups

Contacts can be categorized into different groups. To create a contact group, you need to do the following:

Open the "Contacts" application:

Select the "Contact Groups" item:

Create a new group by clicking “+”:

Fill in the data and click "Insert new record" (to create a group, you only need to specify the name of the group):

Now distribute contacts to the created groups:

Open the "Contacts" application:

Select the display method by “List”:

Check the box for the contacts you need to add to the group and click edit:

Select a group to add the selected contacts to:

After selecting the group, click “Save”:

To make sure the contact has been added to the specified group, go to the Contacts app:

Open the filtering panel:

and click on the contact group of interest:

contacts in this group will be filtered:

When you create the first contacts in the system, the interface of the contact card looks something like this:

But the interface of the contact card is customizable and the interface for each contact group can be different.

In order to change the interface for a specific group of contacts, you must perform the following steps:

Open the "Contacts" application:

Select the "Contact Groups" item:

Select the contact group for which you want to customize the interface:

Click the "Interface" button:

The interface consists of blocks, each block, in turn, contains a certain list of fields. You can customize the block by clicking on the "Settings" button inside the block.

For example, in this block:

you want to add one more field, for this:

Find this block in the interface settings and go to its settings:

Check the boxes you want to display:

Click “Save”:

As soon as a contact is added to this contact group, this interface will be applied to it: