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Server Specifications

The new OneBox OS product in its current implementation is generally faster and lighter than the old OneBox MVP (and earlier versions).

But, unfortunately, OneBox OS is not installed on the server BELOW THAN:

  • 4 vCPU (4 streams)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • SSD disk

This is the minimum wage.

(For hetzner it is https://www.hetzner.com/cloud minimum CPX31-CX41, 13-16 euros / month)

Next, you need to look at the amount of data and what applications from the OS you have installed. There are applications that require more cores and more memory.

A concrete example that affects small customers with online stores.

For example, you have an online store for 100,000 products, and you are constantly (once an hour) recalculating prices for them (recalculating prices).

OneBox MVP does it in ONE THREAD and takes a long time, so it needs 1 CPU core for this task. Even if you have a server with 128 cores, it is still in one thread.

OneBox OS does it in parallel in N threads in the background and at once, without cron and other delays. If you have a minimum server for 4 threads (2-4 cores), then the OS will recalculate prices and availability for goods in one thread and it will be exactly the same speed as OneBox MVP. If you have a server with 20 cores, then the OS will perform this task on 17 cores in 17 threads at once - and it will be 17 times faster.

Previously, boxed clients had a server type 2-4 CPU, 4-8 GB RAM.

For OneBox OS, there will be an average of 4-8 CPUs, 16-32 GB RAM.