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Application "Payments and cashbox"

This application allows you to conduct all incoming and outgoing payments between your legal entities and contacts.

In fact, this is a record of all payments, but according to the amount of these payments, the application additionally shows the balance of your cash register: how much money you actually have in your accounts.

All payments in OneBox OS can be made to specific accounts (accounts).

To create a new account:

1. Install and then go to the Payments and Cashier application:

2. Open the section “Payment accounts”:

3. Click “Add Wallet”:

4. Fill in the displayed form and if the account should be active check the “Active” checkbox:

5. Click the "Create Account" button:

Payments in OneBox OS can be made in several ways, for example, you need to post a payment by process. For this:

1. Open the process in which you want to add a payment.

2. Send it to the application “Payments and Cashier” → “Create payment and attach to the process”:

3. Specify the account to which to make the payment and the amount of the payment. If necessary, fill in other fields in the form for adding a payment:


4. Click the “Save” button:

In order to display all payments for the process, you must:

1. Open the process by which you want to view payments.

2. Send it to the application “Payments and checkout” → “Show process payments”:

As a result, information with all payments of this process will be displayed:

Payments can be distributed not only by accounts but also by categories. For example, if you need to record payments in the context of one account, but with a certain grouping.

To add a new category of payments you need:

1. Go to the "Payments and Cashier" application:

2. Select the "Payment Categories" item:

3. Click “Add Category”:

4. Fill out the form and click “Insert new record”:

After that, at the time of adding a new payment, you can additionally, in addition to the payment account, specify the category:

To view your balance, follow these steps:

1. Open the Payments and Cashier application:

2. On the right side, information will be displayed both on the total balance of your wallets, and in the context of legal entities and accounts: