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Connect sms sending service

By connecting the integration with the SMS service, you have the opportunity to send SMS messages, for example, to notify your customers about promotions, orders, special offers and much more. In order to connect the integration with the SMS service (for example, the TurboSMS service), do the following:

Go to your personal account TurboSMS. Open API settings:

Fill in the SOAP fields, login and password for authorization on the server:

Create a new signature or use an existing one:

Go to OneBox OS, and open the “TurboSMS” application:

Select "Application Settings":

Click “Configure Integration”:

Fill in the fields with the data that you specified in your TurboSMS account:

Then you can send SMS messages. To send an SMS message:

Go to the card of the contact to whom you want to send an SMS message;

Click on the word SMS:

Enter your message and click “Send”:

As a result, the SMS message will be sent and displayed in the “Events” application: