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How it works «Currencies» #

It allows to work with required currencies and edit, update and add them later. Popular currencies are available by default - you can create an unlimited number of currencies, which can be converted to the main one, if required. You can update the exchange rate on demand or by initial setting by days of the week. You can also review the currency rate change history in a drop-down window. If you don't use the currency, you can delete it.

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Available Platforms «Currencies» #

Application Currencies available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Currencies available on my server
Available on my server
Application Currencies customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Currencies» forum #

1 answer
28.02.2023, 11:22
Change base currency
https://xbooks.1b.app/ you need to change the base currency to złoty - PLN, now - hryvnia
1 answer
09.02.2023, 17:56
Change currency
Change pls curency from EUR to PLN https://maxillapl.1b.app/
1 answer
07.11.2022, 12:56
Change the box currency
Hello! Change the currency of proektobk.1b.app box from euro to dollar. Thank you!
Please change to Kazakhstan
https://absstroymarket.1b.app/app/currency/ you need to make the base tenge and choose the time zone as well, Please consider the option when creat...
Please change the base currency
You need to change the base currency crm https://gcompany.1b.app/ to Yuan CNY
2 answer
21.10.2022, 10:48
Recalculation of the input price at the current exchange rate
Congratulations! Tell me, is there any setting that includes the recalculation of the input price of the product according to the current exchange ...
2 answer
29.09.2022, 11:00
Integration with the Ministry of Finance
We need to download the course from the Ministry of Finance https://minfin.com.ua/currency/ 1. There is integration with them, but the Ministry of ...
2 answer
21.09.2022, 16:56
Course refresh action not working
Here https://hellom.1b.app/5549/ Button-procedure "Rate", there is an action "Update the exchange rate in the process". But at ...
3 answer
19.09.2022, 11:25
Course not updated
https://datapoint.center/admin/shop/currency/ Instructed to update from https://bank-ua.com/ There is now a course of 41+ But the system is not upd...
1 answer
Change project base currency
Here is a project https://bezpeka.1b.app/app/currency/ you need to make sure that the base currency is UAH Now - usd