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ERP systems for business

There are plenty of industry-specific solutions for different business types, built on OneBox OS platform. These are CRM-systems, ERP-systems, workflow management. You can choose a ready-made industry-specific solution, order a solution from our system integrators, or create a new solution on your own.
Популярные ERP-системы
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ERP systems are comprehensive cloud solutions for automating resources that allow companies to integrate various business operations into a single database, application, and user interface. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) includes Human Resource Management (HRM) systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), office suites, and other modules.

According to "90 Vital ERP Software Statistics 2022" by FinancesOnline, 91.7% of organizations that have implemented ERP confirm successful optimization of business processes thanks to the program's functionality. Do you want the same? Automate your enterprise activities with ERP for Ukraine from OneBox OS!

Top 5 benefits of implementing ERP systems for businesses

The software allows managing the enterprise's work remotely and controlling daily activities from any device. In addition, ERP provides businesses with the following capabilities:

Operational Efficiency

Optimize the work of staff with orders and customers, track purchases/sales, and collect a database in one place. According to FinancesOnline statistics, about 43.8% of organizations claim they have improved key business processes after implementing ERP.

Competitiveness and Company Expansion

Transfer business processes to a digital environment, reducing the risk of mechanical errors by employees. Save financial resources to develop and scale your business.

Reduced Enterprise Expenses

Automate data entry and storage, communicate with customers, and reduce expenses on IT specialists and call center managers. According to FinancesOnline, on average, around 82% of companies that have implemented ERP recoup their investment within 2.5 years.

Upgrade Existing Software Products

Transfer data from other systems, integrate existing solutions, saving the budget for improving other types of software.

Reporting and Transparency

Perform accounting, track analytics, and set up electronic document flow in the program.

What business processes can be automated by implementing an ERP?

Comprehensive systems help companies improve operational efficiency while tracking current expenses. According to the SelectHub survey, 89% of companies looking to purchase an ERP named accounting as the most important function. Other responses included inventory and distribution (67%), CRM and sales (33%), as well as technology (21%). Let's highlight the tasks that a cloud ERP program can help accomplish after implementation into a company's processes:

  1. Information collection and storage;
  2. Tracking financial transactions;
  3. Performing accounting;
  4. Personnel management;
  5. Reporting and analytics;
  6. Sales and marketing;
  7. Purchasing and supply chains;
  8. Recording negotiations with clients;
  9. Recruiting processes;
  10. Setting up the production cycle;
  11. Inventory and stock accounting;
  12. Electronic document flow.

Create and add your own functions to the popular ERP system in Ukraine - OneBox OS! The extensive set of ERP tools will increase employee productivity by speeding up routine tasks.

Why do Ukrainians choose OneBox's free ERP systems?

OneBox OS is a Ukrainian No-code platform designed to create and maintain more than 1000 cloud programs and applications. By registering on the service, you can connect ERP for free, create your own digital solution, or hire developers for quick software development.

Individual program settings

Customize cloud applications and programs for any type of commercial activity. Add new features, edit sections, backup data, and set access restrictions for employees.

A large Ukrainian community of users and integrators

Find contacts of integrators, distributors, and developers in a special section of our website. Become a OneBox OS partner by offering your services and consultations. Seek help and advice by creating your own topics on the support forum.

Free tariff

Register on the platform and create up to 1000 entities absolutely for free. Use OneBox's official products to the limit, and then choose a tariff and pay a minimum amount for all the service's features.

Integration with modern services and applications

Integrate the enterprise's current software and additional solutions into OneBox's software products. For example, messengers, payment services, schedulers, and others.

IT products for different business niches

OneBox OS's ERP systems are created with standard requirements for any business sphere in mind. We regularly update and offer up-to-date and working software. Choose ready-made software products for your sphere and customize the functionality for a specific type of activity.

Data security and protection

OneBox OS is a cloud service developed in compliance with all international security standards. Our users undergo multi-factor identification. We conduct data encryption, identification and access control.

Service Cross-Platform Compatibility

Work with OneBox applications and programs on any device with internet access. Our IT solutions are compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and other operating systems.

Easy Implementation

Register on the website in 5 minutes and install cloud boxes. Place the necessary application or program in each of them.

OneBox OS ERP for Ukraine is the choice of progressive enterprises in any business sector. Automate daily activities and resource management of your company by installing our system!