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Bitrix24 to OneBox

from OneBox CORP #

Upload data from Bitrix24 to OneBox OS

(Data transfer is free for OneBox CORP customers)

The application automatically transfers data from bitrix24 to OneBox OS (via API) :

  • Employees (sends invitations if needed)
  • Companies (all basic fields, including additional fields)
  • Calls (with audio recordings, dates, statuses, phone numbers and basic fields)
  • Products (base fields and additional fields)
  • Contacts (all fields, including optional fields)
  • Business Processes (implies transfer with preservation of process statuses, color schemes, binding of open and closed stages)
  • Deals (connection with a lead, all additional fields and deal files, as well as deal contacts, basic fields, deal products)
  • Leads (all additional fields, files, leads contacts)
  • Tasks (link to the deal, additional fields, files, contacts, responsible, etc.)
  • Events (an event means transferring comments to contacts, companies, deals, leads, tasks, attached files).

The application does not change or delete data on the bitrix24 side

Available Platforms «Bitrix24 to OneBox» #

Application Bitrix24 to OneBox available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Bitrix24 to OneBox available on my server
Available on my server
Application Bitrix24 to OneBox customizable