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OneBox Rates

New OneBox OS prices are valid from 2021-11-01. Old prices can be viewed in archive.

Free Apps and OneBox #

OneBox Apps, OneBox OS Cloud Platform - Free. No time limit. Without user limit. No direct restrictions on data and capabilities.

On cloud OneBox OS you can install all official OneBox apps for free and you can free create up to 1000 entities. When you create more than 1000 entities - from you processing fees will be charged. Optionally, you can stay at billing for data, buy batch solution pay per cloud user, or boxed batch to your server.

Cloud pricing for data and applications #

$1.99 per 1000 entities per month
View my balance

Tariffication "for data" implies that you pay for the storage and processing of data in the cloud, depending on how many you have uploaded to your OneBox.

When you have uploaded more than 1000 entities to your OneBox, we will de-balance your OneBox $1.99 per month for every next 1000 entities (the first 1000 entities are free). Tariffication occurs in multiples of 1000 entities, rounded up.

For example, in your OneBox:

  • 500 entities - free;
  • 999 - Free;
  • 1000 - Free;
  • 1001 - $1.99 per month;
  • 2000 - $1.99 per month;
  • 2001 - $3.98 per month;
  • and so on.

If you have installed a paid app, for example, for $ 9.99 per month, then every 30 days we will be deduct this amount from your OneBox balance.

If there are not enough funds in the account, we will debit them. If your OneBox balance goes to minus more than 10 calendar days - your OneBox will automatically shut down before recharge balance. So you have 10 calendar days to pay.

Billing period: every 30 days since the creation of OneBox. For example, if you created a OneBox 10 September - then every 10th of every month we check how much data you have in the cloud - and debiting $ 1 from your balance.99 for every 1000 data over the first 1000.

Cloud billing per user (package rate) #

$29 per user per month
Buy cloudy package rate

OneBox Cloud Bundles are only available through Authorized Distributors. The suggested retail price for OneBox cloud solutions is $ 29 per user per month or $ 299 per user when paying for a year.

Bundled cloud plans mean you rent software and pay for the cloud user, and data in the cloud is not charged. If you have a lot of data, package cloud rates will be more profitable for you.

All OneBox provider apps are free for you in the cloud bundle.

Out-of-the-box solutions (on-site, installation on your server) #

$699 one time per user + $ 199 per user per year
Buy boxed tariff

Boxed versions of OneBox can only be purchased through official distributors. Directly company OneBox does not sell boxed versions to customers.

MSRP for OneBox boxed solutions: $ 699 per user for the first year + $199 per user for each subsequent year.

Under "boxed version" implies on-site - selling activation keys to OneBox, not selling software as such. You buy an activation key, and the software you get the software on your servers "as is" (AS IS).

The activation key is tied to time in multiples of one year: you buy a key for a year, then a key renewed every year for a fee. The cost of activation keys is being calculated individually upon request, contact distributors.

If you are not satisfied with the model "purchase activation key" and you want to buy exactly the software on own servers, then this is not possible. We recommend considering cloud rates: they are direct text implies that you are renting software, and OneBox is interested in it uptime and support (as long as you pay the rent).

Boxed rates mean that OneBox will be installed exclusively on the client's server, and code will be opened. When OneBox is hosted on client's servers, OneBox will not be removed from itself any responsibility for the safety and security of data. The client provides himself backup or order this service separately from third parties or system integrators. 1 second after installing OneBox on the client's server - OneBox shoot take any responsibility for the performance of the system or any part of it, and also not guarantees future system updates.

All OneBox apps are free for you in the boxed plan.

Technical Support, Product Support, Product Support and Customer Support #

  • Product support is the elimination of bugs, vulnerabilities, software development by our vision.
  • Customer support is the answer to customer questions, individual consultations, feedback, discussion of improvements.
  • All OneBox plans include Product Support, but not Customer Support.
    If you have a problem, something is not working, you found a vulnerability - write about it at forum, we we will release an update. That's what it is Product Support.
  • If you have questions, need advice, you need to chat with someone or by voice (Customer Support) - refer to partners. You can write in forum, This is not prohibited, but we will probably recommend you partner, which will help sort out your question.

Collaboration Scheme and Risk Disclosure #

  • OneBox - This is a multi-application business operating system, development environment and low-code / no-code platform, software designer, programming language.
  • OneBox is not a ready-made solution to some business problem.
  • The OneBox software is shipped as is (AS IS), no claim will be accepted.
  • There is a free perpetual tariff on the site, which allows you to find out and evaluate, without any time limits, what features the OneBox software product provides.
  • OneBox does not directly provide software development, software development, user support services.
  • To build something on OneBox you need to become a low-code developer yourself and learn OneBox OR hire a third-party low-code developer OR hire a third-party integrator team. Site published open developer directory and partner companies. These are third party companies, none of them is a OneBox employee.
  • If you need some new functionality, revision of existing functionality, technical support, help with setting up any part of OneBox - you can order it additionally from partner companies OneBox.

Custom development and revision #

OneBox does not directly provide customers with any revision, development, support services Users. OneBox has an open one developer portal, public forum, partner companies (integrators, business consultants).

Сertified developers OneBox and certified partner companies OneBox (integrators, business consultants) can customize cloud and boxed OneBoxes to customer requirements.
By default, any program code that is developed will be included in the product OneBox, and the client will only receive the rights to use it, no property or copyright.

Frequently Asked Questions #

How will the rates change for those who started using OneBox before 2021-11-01?

Existing paying customers stay at the same rates as now. Existing free ones too. Free OneBox issued before 01.11.2021 - will remain free under the old conditions: 1 user, 10 GB data.

Can existing customers upgrade to the plan "for data"?

If a paid or free customer wants to upgrade himself «for data», but no user limit - please. This feature will be in control panels OneBox'ami.

How to get discounts and what is the RRP?

RRP is the suggested retail price. Distributors have the right to create their own rates, assign discounts, OneBox does not affect this in any way. If you, as an end customer, are offered a price higher than the RRP, then this means that inside the price there must be some additional service, application, customization.

How and where can you buy old versions of OneBox (MVP, CRM + ERP, Revolution, ...)

OneBox does not officially sell or support older product versions.
If you are still using OneBox MVP, then through distributor partners you can buy additional licenses (activation keys).
If you are using older versions of OneBox (CRM + ERP, Revolition, Next, White, ...) - then you will first be upgraded to OneBox MVP, and then you can buy activation keys through partners.
The version history can be viewed here.

What is an entity in data billing?

One entity counts:

  • contact;
  • order (order, task, project, subtask, etc;
  • document;
  • warehouse operation;
  • actual payment;
  • virtual payment;
  • expected payment;
  • payment to budgets;
  • product (product or service);
  • event (letter, call, any other entry in events);
  • 1 megabytes of uploaded files in the File Storage app, plus any attached file to order, contact, document.

At the moment of the billing period (on a given day, once a month), the sum of all entities is calculated, the first 1000 free entities are subtracted from the received amount, and the rest, if it is more than zero, is charged according to the tariff for data .

Where can I see my current volume of entities?

The amount of used entities can be viewed inside your OneBox in the upper left corner or in the list of your OneBoxes on the site - https://1b.app/ru/profile/boxlist/ Updated every 24 hours, around 00:00 UTC.

How to increase or decrease a paid plan for an existing customer?

If you have "tariff-1 (free)" - you can switch to tariffication in the list of your OneBoxes "for data"

If you have a bundled cloud plan with pay per user and want to upgrade your plan - contact your manager, he will increase the tariff and recalculate the billing date.

If you have a bundled cloud plan with pay per user and want to lower your plan - contact your manager, he will lower the tariff and reset the billing date (with downgrade paid days expire).