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Business software

There are plenty of industry-specific solutions for different business types, built on OneBox OS platform. These are CRM-systems, ERP-systems, workflow management. You can choose a ready-made industry-specific solution, order a solution from our system integrators, or create a new solution on your own.
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Are you looking to increase the efficiency of managing your business? With OneBox OS, you can automate key processes and operations of your enterprise. Choose a ready-made industry solution or create your own to meet your individual needs. Accelerate the execution of routine tasks, increase staff productivity, and improve customer service!

Benefits of using business management software

Automating business processes is an important step towards developing your company, regardless of its industry and scale of operations. By implementing business management applications that meet your needs, you can perform operational tasks more quickly and easily and achieve strategic goals.

Organizing departmental work

Assign tasks based on importance and urgency, assign performers directly in the system, send reminders to employees, and monitor progress.

Improving data accuracy

Optimize business processes related to data entry and processing, requiring special accuracy, such as order acceptance, invoice processing, and customer shipment.

Reducing routine tasks

Automate operations that take a lot of time to perform manually, such as sales and purchasing accounting, payroll calculations, and customer correspondence.

Maintaining data security

Provide access to the database to employees in accordance with their roles in the company, track all user actions in the system, thus protecting data from illegal use.

What business processes can be optimized with business software?

Business applications tailored to your requirements help translate everyday tasks into automated mode. This applies to both business operational processes (marketing, sales, technical support, etc.) and supporting (system administration, accounting and reporting, logistics) and managerial processes.

Elevate your company's performance in various areas:

  1. Working with customer base.
  2. Maintaining a database of partners and contractors.
  3. Accepting and processing orders.
  4. Executing retail and wholesale sales plans.
  5. Managing product portfolio.
  6. Making procurement decisions.
  7. Implementing marketing projects.
  8. Forecasting and planning.
  9. Analysing results and reporting.
  10. Exchanging business documents.
  11. Accounting and management accounting.
  12. Warehouse management and logistics.
  13. Task distribution and personnel control.

Why do businesses in Ukraine choose OneBox's free business software?

OneBox cloud service allows you to develop a custom automation system tailored to your goals, tasks, and requirements - whether it's CRM, ERP, or an industry-specific solution.

Flexible program customization

With OneBox, it's easy to adapt software solutions to the changing needs of your business, the preferences of target users, and market standards. This is possible thanks to convenient and intuitive functions that are constantly being improved and expanded.

Large Ukrainian community of users and integrators

You can not only create your own solution or choose a ready-made one, but also use the services of our system integrators and partners. Thousands of entrepreneurs from Ukraine and other countries have already appreciated the wide range of business automation opportunities.

Solutions for different business industries

OneBox platform has been used to create many efficient solutions for all industries and market niches. You can choose a ready-made solution that fits your goals and implement it in your business. If you are interested in a custom system, you can use our easy-to-use tools for self-development.

Integration with Popular Services

Custom solutions can be integrated with tools and services that help solve corporate tasks: create personalized mailings, communicate with customers through different channels, manage accounting, organize collaboration, and more.

Data Security and Confidentiality

In the software solutions created with OneBox, you have access to all the necessary tools to ensure data confidentiality, including access rights separation for specific user groups. Moreover, rest assured that our team maintains platform security 24/7.

Accessible Free Plan

You have access to a basic set of features for creating business software for free, but with some limitations. This free version is a good option for your first experience in self-development. You can always expand your capabilities by switching to a paid plan.

Why OneBox provides the best business management software in Ukraine?

OneBox OS is a cloud platform designed to build various applications for business. You get access to a wide range of features and tools to develop a comprehensive CRM to improve service or ERP to optimize internal processes, as well as create a solution for your industry-specific requirements. Implementing business automation software will be an important step towards success in the Ukrainian and global market.

Realize your technological ideas with the flexible OneBox OS platform!

FAQ about Business software

Can you work with OneBox business software through a smartphone?

Yes, each of your employees will be able to access all the functions of the software solution through mobile devices.

What programs are needed for business management?

Among the most important programs used to optimize business activities are CRM for interacting with customers at every stage of the sales process, ERP for comprehensive enterprise management, industry-specific solutions for performing specific tasks, and tools for automating routine operations.

Why are business software programs necessary?

Such solutions are necessary for digitizing and automating important processes, the speed and quality of which directly affect the profitability of the business. For example, implementing a CRM is an opportunity to increase the efficiency of working with customers at all stages of the path to purchase.

Which services are integrated with your business software programs?

Integration is possible with IP telephony and messengers, marketing tools, web analytics services, accounting software, and many other third-party solutions.