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How to install and configure the apps

  1. To install the app in OneBox OS follow the link;
  2. Select "Apps" section on the site menu and select the desired app from available list. You can use search or filter by category, if required;
  3. Click the Install button then and select the installation location from the list;
  4. In system selection window select the OneBox OS, where you would like the app to be installed and click "Install" button;
  5. Wait for the installation to finish - there will be a notification on installation window;
  6. Click on gear button within the app (top right corner) to open application settings;
  7. To access the additional app settings, select "Other app settings" option;
  8. You can choose the required setting from suggested list;
  9. Once you check the checkbox and put the setting into appropriate field, click on "Save" button.