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Look at the key elements of OneBox OS

OneBox OS is an operating system for business? it consists of hundreds of apps. You can program any app to your needs.

Among all the apps the following ones can be singled out:

  • Contacts and events - OneBox OS allows to create the client base, divide them into group, review the statistics for the clients and communicate with them (email, sms, calls, messengers);
  • Workflows - these are all kind of workflows you can configure according to your needs;
  • Payments and cashbox - record of all finance operations, for different accounts and review of statistics for them;
  • Documents - creation of payment bills, commercial offers, invoices etc., following the preconfigured templates;
  • Products - OneBox OS allows to create the base of products, divided into required categories;
  • Warehouses - arrival, selling, relocation of goods from the warehouses, inventory, information on movement of goods across the warehouse.

You can configure interface of every section according to your needs, setup the automation to reduce the amount of manual work, configure permission levels for every section.