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Setup the automation for transition between the workflow stages

Usually, there's an automation configured for workflow stages. This automation is added through the actions and each of them has its own functionality. To add an action for a stage, you need to do the following:

Open the workflow's flowchart. Click on the stage and select the "Actions" option:

Click on "+" to add a new action:

Select the required action and click on the "Add" button:

Configure the action added:

Open the settings of the next stage's actions and add an action to it:

Configure the action:

You can add several actions to one stage or can not add them at all. Once the actions for stages have been configured, you can now check how they work:

Open the "Orders" app:

Click on "+"

Specify the name and select the workflow, you created previously

and click on "Create" button

The actions set for launching phase will be executed during the process creation.

Go to the next stage, and sending email action will be executed in our case:

Go to the next stage and you will get an error, since the automation was executed:

Fill in the specified field:

Perform the transition to a stage and you'll see the transition worked:

Important: the library of actions within OneBox OS is tremendous and whoever wants can add their own actions there. You need to contact Sales Partner, Integrator Partner for that or become a certified integrator instead.