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Automation app #

The Automation application allows you to set up automatic execution of business processes without your participation or involvement of employees. The program allows you to perform automatic actions at specified time periods (at a specified interval). Moreover, these actions are completely independent of your business processes. Thus, you automate the execution of important tasks and at the same time free up a significant amount of time to solve more important tasks of the enterprise.


You can set up the automation of background actions that are present in your business in just a couple of clicks. The application provides three options for the frequency of implementation of the specified actions:

  • 1 time per minute;
  • 1 time per hour;
  • Once a day.

You can set the frequency of execution of any action that is already present in the application. To do this, just select the necessary items and drag them to the work area, and then specify the settings for each task (business processes, their number and group).

The number of actions for automation in a given period of time is not limited and can be any, depending on the specifics of your enterprise and the breadth of business processes.

You can use the service for background automation of actions in any area of ​​business where there are routine, constantly repetitive tasks. This could be:

  • import and export of orders;
  • parsing letters;
  • recalculation of prices for goods / services;
  • turning a call into a process;
  • actions with payments, etc.

Each action has its own algorithm and execution conditions, which allows you to customize the implementation exactly as your company needs.

Why use the Automation app for your business?

An application from OneBox provides automation of background tasks in the business, as a result of which the owner frees up most of the working time of the employees. They will be able to switch to more important business processes leading to the company's growth. Thus, you minimize the costs of the company to pay for low-margin actions of the personnel, because they will be automatically performed by the program.

Our service is available in the cloud, and can also be installed on any gadget on Android or iOS. Its functionality is wide enough and can be configured in conjunction with other applications - Calendar, Work Schedule of employees, Users and employees, etc.

With the Automation app, you no longer have to pay for employee actions that the program can perform. Try the service in your business, the result will pleasantly surprise you!

How it works «Automation» #

Configure OneBox to execute required actions as scheduled: once a minute, once an hour or once a day.

Automation app controls three event planners: the first runs every minute, the second every hour, the third - every day at 00:00.

From the technical prospective, these are three cron scripts, where you can set what exactly should happen in each of them and in what order.

Popular examples of using automation to:

  • check the mailbox once a minute to see if there's any new emails to convert it to a task (an order) and to assign to an employee (or to a role);
  • generate some mailing for the group of contacts once a day;
  • upload certain product category to Prom.ua, Rozetka and other marketplaces once an hour;
  • recalculate prices for a group of products once in 5 minutes (though the OneBox runs price recalculation in real time);
  • create batches of tasks for proper employees from task templates every Monday;
  • and so on.

Automation library is huge and you are free to design your own "actions".

It's important to know, that library's size and available automation actions rely on application installed to your OneBox. The more apps you have installed, the more opportunities for automation. Since every app registers new action structures and interface blocks in the system.

Screenshots «Automation» #

Available Platforms «Automation» #

Application Automation available on Android
Available on Android
Application Automation available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Automation available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Automation available on my server
Available on my server
Application Automation customizable

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