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Component «Users and employees»

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How it works «Users and employees» #

Allows user management in OneBox OS to:

  • create unlimited number of employees and grant them with the access level;
  • build enterprise's organizational chart;
  • configure credentials for employees;
  • configure access level group for employees (the Access level app is required to be installed).

There is also additional settings in the app, which allows to enable two-factor authentication and configure it, to set the due date and upon its expiration an employee will no longer be able to log into the system, set the auto logout from the system for an employee after N minutes of inactivity.

From technical perspective, users in OneBox are equal to contacts, who have been granted with access to OneBox OS.

Therefore, once you create a user, the contact card will appear within Contacts app and you'll be able to work with it just like you do to a usual contact (mailings, samplings, slicings).

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Available Platforms «Users and employees» #

Application Users and employees available on Android
Available on Android
Application Users and employees available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Users and employees available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Users and employees available on my server
Available on my server
Application Users and employees customizable

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