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Connect Telephony

By connecting the integration with telephony, you have the opportunity to make calls and receive calls. In order to connect integration with telephony (for example, Binotel telephony), follow these steps:

Register on the site so that you have an account that can use the API.

Contact Binotel technical support to get an API Key (key) and Secret (password) for integration with telephony.

Open the Binotel application:

Select the "Configure telephony" item:

then “Add new connection”:

Enter the received API Key and Secret in these fields:

Binotel provides a list of internal telephony numbers (901, 902, etc.). Enter these numbers as in the contact card of the employees who will use these internal numbers and indicate the type of binotel:

Write a letter to technical support support@binotel.ua the following letter (replacing the highlighted data in brackets with your own):

"Hello, dear Binotel.ua technical support! We ask you to open telephony access for the site (IP =) to integrate the CRM system with your telephony service. You also need to enable the PUSH API"> API at the addresses / binotel / push / and / binotel / push-caller / and / binotel / push / complete / (to receive call recording)

You have done this more than once, and there should be no problems. "

Install a softphone program on your computer, for example Zoiper, where you connect your internal number. That is, if you have number 901 registered in OneBox, then number 901 must be connected in the program.

This completes the integration of binotel telephony, now you can make calls. For this:

Go to the card of the contact you want to call.

Click on the phone number you want to call:

Your softphone will receive an incoming call. Answer it.

After you answer the incoming call, an outgoing call will be made to the number you pressed. This function is called click-to-call.

After the call is completed, it (the call) will be added to the "Events" application: