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Configure the interface of an order (a process) to your needs

When the workflow is just created, the interface of a process looks like as follows:

Interface of every workflow or even every stage of a workflow can be configured independently.

To change the workflow interface you need to follow the below actions:

Open the “Workflows” app:

Select the "Interface designer" option:

Select the stage you need to configure interface for:

Interface consists of blocks, every block in its turn contains a certain list of fields. You can configure the block by clicking on the "Settings" button inside the block:


The blokes are located within the markup:

You can move every block in accordance with the markup, just drag a block from one markup section to another:

For example, you want to add another field to this block, so you need to:

Find this block in the interface settings and open its own settings:

Check the box next to fields you want to display:

Click "Save":

You can save the interface settings for this specific status or for all statuses of this workflow, if required:


This allows you to configure unique interface for every stage of the workflow.

We can see that order interface has eventually been changed and a new field has been added to it: