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OneBox "Documents" application allows you to quickly prepare the necessary documents - contracts, acts or invoices. With its help, you can literally in a few minutes form the desired document according to a template or create a new one (for example, an invoice for a client or an act of completed work, etc.).

The service is compatible with any business process, suitable for trade, manufacturing and other enterprises. Our program for electronic documents allows you to create:

  • acts of work performed;
  • contracts with clients, partners;
  • waybills;
  • accounts, etc.

The functionality of the document management software also implies the introduction of an electronic digital signature so that you can certify any documents of the enterprise without the need to print paper counterparts.

Electronic document flow significantly speeds up this process and saves employees time, which they can use to solve more important strategic tasks.

Benefits of the Documents app for business

Our service opens up such opportunities:

  1. Quickly create any letterhead from scratch or using ready-made templates.
  2. A large number of variables that will be substituted automatically.
  3. The ability to form a document from any business process, project or specific order in a few minutes.
  4. The file can be sent to other applications.
  5. Creation of payment documents, acts, contracts with any structure thanks to the editor with wide functionality.

Our document program allows you to edit any file directly in the application, or save it in DOC, PDF format and send it to partners, clients.

OneBox e-document software is available through the cloud and is also installed on Android and iOS. Therefore, you can instantly generate any document.

How it works «Documents» #

An electronic documents' base. It is a huge table-registry for all kinds of documents: contracts, bills, invoices, acts. You can search, filter, sort, attach scan-copies, electronically sign (optionally: an integration is required) and share the documents there.

The app can create documents from a template, filling the required fields from the orders (processes) automatically.

  • Install the Documents app;
  • Create document templates or download the existing ones from the "Document templates collection" app;
  • Start issuing documents right from the orders, projects, processes;
  • Work with the documents, edit them and send to other apps.

A document in OneBox is a file. When you issue the document, an HTML-file is also generated, which can be edited right in OneBox OS as well. You can convert the document to PDF/DOC then and send via email, attach to the task, etc.

Usually the document is issued based on a process, task, project or an order. There are the fields with "commodity ordered" within the order and the document serves as a printed snapshot of the order.

For those, who are familiar with 1C terminology, a document in OneBox OS is a printed form from 1C, and an order in OneBox OS is actually a document from 1C. 

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Available Platforms «Documents» #

Application Documents available on Android
Available on Android
Application Documents available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Documents available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Documents available on my server
Available on my server
Application Documents customizable

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