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Products in terms of OneBox is your base of products and/or services. Nomenclature of your enterprise.

The app allows to manage your product base, create additional fields for products, assign them to brands, categories, create description, search, filter etc.

Once you install this app, you'll be able to add products from your nomenclature in your orders (projects, tasks, processes). Any process can be converted in process, project and others in such a way.

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Application Products available on Android
Available on Android
Application Products available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Products available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Products available on my server
Available on my server
Application Products customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Products» forum #

1 answer
23.03.2023, thursday, 12:39
Bug. Missing units of measurement in products and their selection
Here https://sara.1box.link/app/product/13027/edit/ https://take.ms/oJEjg units of measurement in products are missing. Please correct.
1 answer
23.03.2023, thursday, 12:13
It is not possible to select a product measurement unit.
https://orc-test.kiev.ua/ You cannot manually create a product. Error. Where did the units of measurement go?
0 replies
21.03.2023, tuesday, 09:40
Highlight a cell in the product list
/app/product/ now in the table display settings you can specify the color for the column is it possible to highlight a cell depending on the va...
5 replies
Sorting is missing
Since yesterday, the ability to sort products by columns, availability in stock, has disappeared before I could sort the availability of products ...
4 answer
How to market a product if it is always unique???
How to work in OneBox if I have a product that is always unique? (example "window", always unique for each client). How to keep a warehouse for suc...
0 replies
What is "Product Lists" and what is this functionality for?
in Products in the settings there is "Product Lists", what is it and what is it for?
5 replies
08.03.2023, 09:47
Cannot load photos in universal XML import
Congratulations. Photos are not loaded during import, they are in the logs. This seems to be because the link is via http Product for example https...
1 answer
02.03.2023, 12:19
Does not search for goods by barcode
Good afternoon. We encountered a problem, in the products you can not find all positions by the barcode of the product. For example barcode 3000000...
4 answer
02.03.2023, 00:41
Webp pictures from the link stopped loading
Congratulations. A week ago, the box used to download webp product images via a link when adding a product, but now it has stopped. Why did this h...
4 answer
The Expected Arrival column in the Products table
Good afternoon, We have an Expected arrival column in the Products table. In that column, we display products ordered from suppliers. But for some ...