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ФОП Легеза В.В.
Personal license
16.02.2024, friday, 11:52
Download the settings of another box to the box
Please copy all settings From here: screen 111 Here: screen 222 Why should it be done? When the box was registered, the Client wrote that h...
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06.02.2024, 21:05
Can't complete my profile on forum https://1b.app/
It is not possible to fill out my profile on the forum https://i.imgur.com/o2Vsfjp.png , in order to update the data, you need to specify two passw...
Portal payment
Good afternoon, my company's billing ends tomorrow, nothing will happen, it won't come back if I top it up a day later?
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04.12.2023, 15:44
Change domain for 1box
The current address is https://apbud.crm-onebox.com Need to change to https://apb.1b.app/ What is needed for this?
ONE BOX tariffs
Good day. I created a box for my company. I have a tariff for space on the server. There is a cloud tariff for 1 user. Does the user count as a uni...
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14.11.2023, 10:57
Selling OneBox CRM boxed version and 4 unlimited OneBox CRM licenses for $1,500
Our company purchased the boxed version with 4 unlimited OneBox CRM licenses. Currently the license costs $699. You can purchase for $375. The tota...
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23.10.2023, 08:48
Request from NGO "Vy.Mova" for free use of OneBox
Public organization "Vy.Mova", EDRPOU code 43417706, requests to provide the OneBox platform for free use. Since 2019, our organization has been cr...
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27.09.2023, 10:34
Onebox does not work
When logging in, the message "Error" comes
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Personal license
19.09.2023, 14:13
Nothing is displayed in the box
Good day! Yesterday, the box was turned off for non-payment, customers paid, but when going to https://briolex.1b.app/ it shows only a white screen...
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13.09.2023, 10:23
Payment by ONE Box
Good afternoon, I paid $7.09 10 for telephony, now I am reviewing the balance and these funds are not there, where did they go and could you return...