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CEO, owwa.com.ua
05.02.2024, 09:18
Improvement, you need to calculate kpi by the sum of the additional field in the processes
Good afternoon, we have an additional field in the processes that has a numeric format. We need to count kpi employees on this field. Maybe it can ...
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31.10.2023, 12:43
How does setting the KPI calculation period work?
KPI (calculating the sum of processes): https://one-box.shine-bright.com.ua/app/kpi/79/ https://one-box.shine-bright.com.ua/app/kpi/8...
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03.08.2023, 18:30
The table of total payments does not take into account processes for which the person responsible is no longer an employee
The employee no longer works, and the orders for which he was responsible are now not taken into account on the dashboard in the Table of total pay...
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26.06.2023, 12:04
The columns have become wider, and a scroll appeared on the dashboard
In the "Table of total amounts of payments and number of processes in the specified statuses" block, 4 columns are configured. Until today, the wid...
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18.04.2023, 00:25
Payroll process not created
Can you tell me how the Employee KPI setting works? The payroll process is specified, but processes are not created. If you set up KPI for the r...
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ТОРГОБОРУД начальник відділу зі збуту
20.02.2023, 17:19
there is no answer and solution to the question. The standard option does not work for the second week
here it is indicated that the desktop settings should work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6fMmUe0XQA&t=625s for all employees. Here is a descript...
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ТОРГОБОРУД начальник відділу зі збуту
15.02.2023, 10:42
unable to apply customize desktop for all users. I am attaching a screen with the text that appears when I try to use this function, how can I stil...
CPI correction is needed. And you need to subtract (or add, multiply or divide) another KPI from one KPI to get the sum (not the percentage)
CPI correction is needed. Now there is an opportunity to divide one KPI by another and determine the percentage difference. And you need to subtrac...
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Personal license
20.12.2022, 10:01
Incorrect graphic display of data on the dashboard
On the dashboard, in the graphical part of the data display, the graph does not correspond to the real data https://monosnap.com/file/rh1yXr6bfCEXH...
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01.12.2022, 00:07
Payroll process is not created when setting up KPI in the contact card
Payroll processes are not created when setting up KPI in the contact card. When setting up KPI for roles, everything is ok. What is the problem? ht...