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Need crm development for single window
It is necessary to develop a system for the order manager. By access, he should only be able to open an order and work in a single window. Without ...
Need to connect crm for call center
It is necessary to connect the system for an existing call center as painlessly as possible for employees + training approximately how much will it...
Need individual setting crm for messengers
It is necessary to fine-tune the system to work with FB and Instagram. How much will it cost ?
Is it possible to configure via Network CRM to manage mail
Interested in one system for mail, and the second for orders. so you can do and synchronize?
Need to set up crm for cold calls
You need to set up a system to optimize the work of call center operators who work with cold calls. You need to be able to work in one window and e...
Contact center system
There is a customer contact center (physical) you need to set up work in a single window for the operator 1. filling in 6 fields (task/name/phone, ...