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12.01.2024, 12:09
Rest API
Is it possible to create a Rest API, to receive, create coupons in OneBox OS?
Accrual of bonuses
Good day. Is there a setting so that the discount is not taken into account when calculating bonuses for the manager? So that the manager receives ...
Cashback accrual
How to set up cashback for clients. Example: 1. the client registered on the site, placed an online order, entered the necessary data = receive 3% ...
Discount calculation settings
Good day. Tell me what to set up to correctly calculate the discount? Here in 1s I get such a final amount, and in boxing it is like this
15 replies
20.12.2022, 15:27
Taking into account the discount on a canceled order
Good afternoon, we encountered such a problem, in many canceled orders a negative margin is displayed, we began to study the issue, in all such ord...
8 replies
20.09.2021, 17:15
OS - Add
Action once per minute: Import processes with OKop Setting: Add "Together cheaper" to the discount amount For example, 1. 2. I click &qu...
12 replies
12.08.2021, 13:41
Problems with the Promo Codes functionality. Liabilities and Fiscalization
The functionality of promotional codes is used in the process The promo code is applied as a total discount for the process Problem #1 Liabilitie...